The Electric Hoist: Safety and Precautions

So you’ve finally gotten your hands on the coveted electric chain hoist, and you’re ready to put it to some good use. However, have you taken some time to familiarize yourself with the safety information concerning it’s proper use? Be sure to read through and fully understand all of the safety instructions located in your manual. With that in mind, please allow us a few moments to share some examples with you.

The electric hoist is a powerful device so make sure that you fully understand how to use it properly.

Most contemporary hoists come with many safety features such as shock protection and emergency stop switches. Know their location and how to use them. While hoists may seem indestructible and reliable, they should never be used to lift or transport personnel. If the atmosphere is filled with flammable fumes or explosive chemicals, do not operate your electric hoist. And make sure that the load being lifted is secure and properly attached.

Be sure to take some precautionary measures as well before using this device. Maintenance is a must so be sure to inspect your hoist on a regularly, looking for frayed and corrosive wiring. In addition, be sure to check that the gear box is properly lubricated before use.

While this information may seem like common sense, in the midst of operation and the rush to get a job completed on time, things can get missed. This information is just a fraction of what needs to be heeded. Be sure to take the extra time! 

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