Technological advances in memory foam mattresses

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When talking about memory foam, these are usually applied in settings such as in hospitals for beds, wheelchairs, and x-ray machine beds among other things. Memory foam was also widely used in sports equipment. Nowadays, memory foam has jumped from special applications to residential applications. Mattresses made out of memory foam has been hailed by many as a godsend since its ability to retain shape due to heat has improved the sleep of countless people who have mattresses made out of memory foam. These mattresses, thanks to a larger production scale, are no longer considered as a rich man’s toy since you can buy discount memory foam mattress as well as Latex mattress Canada from a host of stores. The current generation of memory foam mattresses differ in the sense that more technology has been put to it.

Apart from retaining a particular shape, its durability has also been dramatically increased wherein high-density memory foam mattresses enjoy a longer lifespan than its earlier counterparts. It’s ability to retain heat also has an added benefit of reducing pain from those that suffer posture problem since the warmth adds a degree of comfort aside from the improved posture. Because of its properties, memory foam mattresses translates to a more comfortable and pleasurable sleep to its user as opposed to the conventional mattress that is rigid and does not follow the shape of its user’s sleeping posture. Ask anyone who’s ever owned a memory foam mattress, they have never regretted getting one.


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Three DIY Patio Furniture Makeovers

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If your home has a patio, you know how wonderful this outdoor space can be. A patio is a great extension of your home living room, where family and friends can relax, socialize, and enjoy the great outdoors. For all of these reasons, most patios are furnished with comfortable patio furniture, including rocking chairs, benches, and chaise lounges.

But patio furniture doesn’t last forever. If your patio furniture is getting old, it’s time for a DIY makeover. Just because patio furniture is worn out doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. There are many ways to update old patio furniture and bring it back to life. Here are a few simple and affordable DIY patio furniture makeovers.

New Chaise Lounge Cushion

The chaise lounge is a wonderful invention, a chair and bed hybrid designed for the outdoors. If your chaise lounge needs a makeover, consider replacing the cushion. A new patio cushion will allow you to keep the chair and enjoy it once again. When buying a new cushion for a chaise lounge, remember to purchase outdoor foam designed for patios. Outdoor foam will stand up to the outdoor elements without growing mold or getting destroyed. Simply purchase foam in the right size and shape. Consider adding a new cover for a completely new look.

New Patio Bench Cushion

If your bench is feeling a little uncomfortable, bring it back to life with a new cushion. It’s simple and affordable to replace your patio bench cushion. Simply visit your favorite online foam retailer, such as The Foam Factory. Next, look for dryfast foam, or foam designed for outdoor use. Next, find the right size and shape foam. You can also purchase a larger sheet of foam and cut it yourself at home. Finally, get new fabric for a complete makeover that will enhance your patio and add comfort to your outdoor living area.

New Sofa Cushions

Do have nice patio furniture with a sofa? An old sofa often gets uncomfortable simply because of the cushion. An easy way to update your couch is to purchase a new cushion. As mentioned with the chaise lounge and the patio bench, it’s important to purchase outdoor-ready foam, such as dryfast foam. Once you have the right foam, you can cut it to fit the shape and size of your couch. Finally, update the entire patio furniture set by purchasing new covers. You can also buy fabric and sow your own covers.
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Bring Comfort Outdoors

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If you want to add comfort to your home, don’t forget about the outdoors too. Most of us have a porch or deck we love to use in order to get outdoors under some sun while still enjoying plenty of creature comforts. That last word is especially important, which is why so many people turn to The Foam Factory for help making the most of their outdoor areas.

When it comes to finding the right cushion filling for your outdoor area, you’re at one major disadvantage. Unlike, say, your living room, you can’t simply buy any option you please. The outdoor elements would quickly ravage them and you’d be left with unseemly and uncomfortable furniture no one will want to sit in.

Even if you hope to bring your cushions in or store them every day, keep in mind rainwater is not the only enemy here.

Fortunately there are options like dryfast foam that can be used. Not only is this option extremely comfortable, but it’s also equally resilient. No matter what kind of weather your porch or deck is hit with, this foam will fight back in a major way.

So make sure the outdoors are as comfortable as can be with foam cushions built for what it takes.


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How to Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioning Unit

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Summer is just around the corner, which means higher temperatures outside. Fortunately, many of us can stay nice and cool indoors with the help of our air conditioning units. If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, consider buying a portable unit.

A portable air conditioning unit is designed to keep you cool and comfortable indoors. But without proper maintenance, your unit might not work as well. On the other hand, keeping the unit clean and in good shape can help keep temperatures down and extends the life of the machine. Maintaining your air conditioning unit can also help to lower your utility bill. While some maintenance tasks might require the help of a professional technician, there are many functions you can do yourself to keep the air conditioning unit running smoothly. Whether you own a server room air conditioner or a portable air conditioning unit for the home, follow these tips on how to maintain your portable air conditioning unit.

Use the thermostat. To ensure that your air conditioning unit is running properly, make use of the programmable thermostat. When used regularly, a thermostat can save you money in energy costs. But it also helps regular the temperature, which means the unit will not have to overwork itself to bring down the temperature later.

Don’t go too low. Although you might want your home to be nice and cool, turning down the temperature too low will tax your air conditioning unit. Instead, keep your home or office at a comfortable level, around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the temperature at 78 degrees will also help save you money.

Change the filters. Every air conditioning machine and dehumidification unit has a filter, the handy product used to catch airborne contaminants. When dirty, the unit doesn’t work as efficiently. A dirty filter can also wreak havoc on the quality of the air. Without a clean, fresh filter, dust, bacteria, and other contaminants simply get circulated back into the air, where it can cause allergies. To ensure that your unit runs properly, check the filter on a monthly basis and replace it when dirty. If the filter is visually black or dirty, it’s time to replace it. You might have to replace it more often depending on the environment.

Whether you own a portable unit in your home or office, the steps above will ensure that it keeps you cool and comfortable for many years.


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Selecting Cushions for Outdoors

Plenty of us have furniture outside our homes. It’s a great way to enjoy nature or take in some sun while still remaining comfortable. But comfort often comes with foam cushions to enjoy. Whether you’re selecting furniture or looking to replace your current choices, keep reading for some tips on selection cushions for outside your home.

Unless you plan on bringing in your cushions when you’re not outside using them, you need to pick dryfast foam for your cushions. The truth is that there are other options. For example, your cushions may be waterproof and designed to keep water out from their interiors. But this often just isn’t the case. Between the constant attention from the sun and the type of wear and tear mother nature can deliver on a regular basis, most cushions give in and let water soak their insides.

Dryfast foam is designed for this eventuality, though. It won’t retain water like other materials do and, in fact, it’s great for fighting fungus from growing.

Best of all its very affordable and you won’t be sacrificing quality. This foam is extremely comfortable to sit on and will maintain its shape for years.

Whether you’re in the market for yacht cushions or cushions for your patio, you can’t go wrong with dryfast foam.  It’s a great option that doesn’t cost much yet still delivers all the right benefits.


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Artificial Grass Saves You Time and Money

There are a lot of costs that you have to pay for when you have to maintain a naturally growing lawn of grass. There’s water, fertilizer and the labor of trimming it down when it gets a little too long.  When you accumulate all these costs in a year, you’ll be surprised that it costs about an arm and a leg just to maintain something as inconsequential as your front lawn. So why waste money by just maintaining your lawn? You could have spent that money on something more productive or something you can enjoy more.

One product that you can invest in is artificial residential turf. It’s basically synthetic polyethylene fibers that resemble the shape, texture, and feel of real grass. Being synthetic, it doesn’t need any more labor than the first time you install it on your lawn. You don’t need any more water or fertilizer and it even stays the same length so you don’t have to trim it down periodically. The cost of maintenance and labour of having a natural growing lawn would surely be more than the one time artificial grass cost and the fact that this maintenance doesn’t stop after a year would only make those costs much worse for you and your family.

Think about it, plastic is probably the way to go, it saves you time and money, and it’s even more resilient than natural grass which means it’ll probably last longer than normal grass under daily abuse.


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The Benefits of Artificial Grass

When most people think of synthetic lawn turf, they usually imagine an athletic field or putting green used for practice. Few people immediately think of their neighbor’s yard. But if the trend continues, soon that’s exactly what you’ll think of when someone brings up artificial grass. Continue reading to find out why.

One of the main reasons people are switching to fake lawns has to do with the price. For the most part, after you’ve paid for the turf and its installation, you’re done spending money on your lawn. There will still be some maintenance costs to come, but for the most part, your investment is over.

Now compared artificial grass prices to what a real lawn costs. Paying for the grass and having it installed is nothing compared to what you’ll be spending every year for as long as you own it.

Real grass constantly needs water, unless it’s covered by snow. If you live in a warmer part of the country, your water bill can become astronomical. This is bad for the environment and your budget.

But your lawn also needs to be mowed constantly, weeded and aerated. There goes a huge chunk of your free time. You’ll also want to buy a cocktail of chemicals to keep it growing strong and free of vermin and other threats to its health.

When you put the costs next together, there’s no competition. Artificial grass makes the most sense.


Article submitted by Artificial Turf Supply. The company manufactures fake grass and then sells it wholesale through the internet for residential, playground, commercial and athletic purposes.