Introducing Glass Pool Walls

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Pools can be a great addition to any home. Not only do they raise the property value considerably, but they also make for a fun way to get the family together outside. Of course, pools need to be fenced off to mitigate the risk of children falling in. It’s also important to keep wildlife out that can drown and cause a mess. Until recently, options were relatively few for fencing a pool in. That was until now.

Glass swimming pool fences are the new trend in home design and it doesn’t look like it will be going away. They provide the necessary safety all pool owners are looking for, but do it an extremely fashionable way. Owners can choose from numerous options like round power coated posts to anchor the enclosure. Of course many opt for the frameless glass fences.

Not only do they look great, but glass pool walls don’t impede your vision of the pool, so you can always keep an eye on what’s going on. This is a safety advantage not afforded by traditional pool fences. But it could end up saving someone’s life.

When purchasing a glass wall for our pool, you will want the builder to confirm the structure meets Australian standards AS1926, AS2829 and AS1288.  Otherwise, your barrier will actually lack the safety precautions you bought it for.

Improve Air Quality Through Air Filters

Did you know that you are at risk of respiratory ailments right at this moment? Every year six out of ten people acquires respiratory problems due to poor air quality. To stop this, one must first have a proper air filter installed at home. There are many good quality air filters and purifiers available in the market such as Filtrete air filters and 3M air filters. You also have the option to buy filters that are either disposable or reusable.

How does an air filter work? Air is passed through several times to the filter to catch both large and small particles of allergens that may trigger asthma, skin allergies and pollutants. These are usually installed next to your furnace and should be maintained at least every thirty days. Clean air provides long term health benefits and it is arguably one of the most important factors that we need to look into to promote better health and a better life. If your family has a medical history in asthma, then it is highly recommended to have an air filter to avoid triggering this disease on your children. Research on the best air filter brands before purchasing, buying cheap and imitation ones may do more harm than good.


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Promote Good Health In Your Household By Installing An Air Filter

Building a good foundation for your health can never be too early, taking care of yourself today will make a huge difference tomorrow. While health is usually associated with our food intake and how regular we exercise, we should not forget one of the major reasons why we catch and develop diseases – air. The quality of air we breathe can make or break our health. At home, feeling complaisant that you have good quality air because you do not smoke is a huge mistake. Allergens and air pollutants can be found on your household items, furniture and even your pets. Air conditioner filters can help in sanitizing the air, it removes dust, mold, spores and bacteria. A Honeywell furnace filter can keep the air clean by up to 98%, invest on one to improve your health today.

When we are young, we have the tendency to overlook our health as we feel and look great. While we may not feel anything at the early phase of our lives, it will definitely get back at us as we age. Keeping the air clean will give you a long term benefit as many diseases are carried by it or triggered by poor air quality. Air filters are highly recommended for individuals who have respiratory problems or know someone from their family who had one. This will lower your risks of attacks or developing one such as asthma.


Article submitted by Your Filter Connection. Your Filter Connection is one of the leading suppliers of heating and cooling filters, air purifiers, air conditioners and many more. The company carries popular brands for replacement furnace filters such as Honeywell, Filtrete and Bryant.

Replace Your Furnace Filter to Stay Safe from the Flu

There are many steps that people can take to protect themselves from the flu during the cold winter months. Many people take precautionary steps like getting their flu shots or frequently washing their hands but don’t think twice about their HVAC unit. This is a mistake, as the quality and condition of your furnace filter can play a major role in keeping you healthy through the winter.

Flus and viruses are spread through the air – the same air that is circulated throughout a house by the home heating system. Heating and air conditioner filters are meant to help stop the spread of these germs along with dust and other particles that can trigger allergies, asthma and other health problems. However, if you don’t regularly monitor, clean and replace your HVAC filters, they won’t offer you the protection you need from airborne germs and pollutants.

It’s recommended that you replace your HVAC filters three to four times per year. It’s especially important for you to check them after long periods where they haven’t been used regularly. For example, you’ll want to inspect – and likely replace – your air filter as the temperatures start to drop in the winter and you anticipate that you’ll be using your heater on a regular basis. Fortunately, it’s easy to find affordable furnace filters online. Leading online shops such as Your Filter Connection offer low prices on filters from a wide variety of brands with easy purchase and shipping options.

When considering purchasing furnace filters to help protect your family from the flu, allergies and other health issues, it’s important to look at buying high-quality air filters. Check to see what the MERV Rating is of a particular air filter. This will tell you the amount of airborne particulates that are captured by the air filter. The scale goes from one to 16, with a higher number offering more protecting. Companies such as Filtrete offer filters that are specifically designed to filter out allergens and other airborne particulates that can be spread through the HVAC system.

Along with replacing your furnace filter, you can also protect yourself against the flu by using a UV air purifier with a high-quality air filter. These systems have been used for years in commercial and industrial buildings to inhibit the growth or spread of germs, mold, bacteria and fungi that can spread through ventilation systems. Residential UV air purifiers can help to provide the same benefits for home HVAC systems.


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Adding Glass to Your Pool

Article Written by : Garden Desgin

No matter why you bought your pool, you want it to look its best. Pools can add value to your home, but they can just as easily become an eyesore you try hiding from the neighbors. One easy way to dress up your pool is by adding glass. No, not into the water—around it! Keep reading to find out how this will give your pool a unique look all its own.

A frameless pool fence is one of the easiest ways you can dress your pool up. For one thing, you need a fence, by law. But this doesn’t mean you should just put up any old thing. Rather, use it as an opportunity to beautify your property. A glass fence does just that. It’s just visible enough to draw the eye and attention of onlookers. At the same time, it makes the pool more enjoyable because it will block out wind and noise, but not the sun. If your children are enjoying the pool, you’ll be able to observe from a distance.

Glass pool windows are an amazing addition to any pool. It essentially allows you to observe what is going on within the pool. This works for out-of-ground pools or for those that share a wall with your home. People on both sides of the glass will enjoy the fun arrangement.

Don’t let your pool become boring. The above examples are easy ways to use glass to make it look wonderful.


Air Filters: Relief From Allergies

The sad truth is that we human beings, these brilliant biological machines, do have a few flaws. And while our bodies can do many things, such as fight off disease, self healing after trauma, and the like, there are those that spend a great deal of their time suffering from common allergies throughout the year. The headaches, runny nose, irritated eyes, sore throat, flu and cold like disorders, all of these symptoms can make day to day existence miserable. And while a device such as a Filtrete air filter may not be the ultimate cure, it can definitely help with these very symptoms. By filtering air, those that suffer can live in an environment which is more suited to their body’s needs.

An air filter, or in some cases an air purifier, does the simple job of removing particulates from the surrounding air. These particulates can include such things as pollens, dust, and mold, key things that can cause mild to severe allergic reactions in the average individual. The maintenance is really quite simple. The changing of the purifier, such as a replacement Honeywell air filter is usually all that is required. A miracle of engineering, this device can do quite a bit of good for those that suffer.

It works simply by pulling air through a filter or screen, which is densely packed with filaments and other materials that effectively collects and contains the particulates or impurities. It then expels clean and sterile air that has been purified from any allergen contaminants or problem causing particles. And while this ideas is relatively simple, the result can be vital to those that continually suffer from allergies day to day. As previously stated, an air filter is not a cure. But it is a tool that has the ability to help people live a more comfortable existence.

All of the symptoms of allergies can be cleaned from a room, allowing those that suffer to live a comfortable existence. With the ability to have clean air, the runny noses, the sore throats, the irritated eyes, all of it can disappear. By using this simple device, which costs relatively little to run and service, an individual can gain a new lease on life and possess the ability to remain in their home or workplace in both relief and comfort. Their homes can transform from a place of suffering to one of wonder, all thanks to an air filtration system.


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Interesting Facts about Glass Balustrades

If you want something appealing to the eye, a glass balustrade is one of the top choices for fencing. You will often see these used for balconies, landscape or as modern glass pool fences. Sydney is a great place to check if you would want to find high quality glass balustrades. You may also do a quick search online to find manufacturers located near you.

Glass balustrades are used both for commercial and residential setting. It gives off a high-end design while also making the space appear larger. In terms of strength, glass fences are one of the most durable types of fencing around. It can withstand and will stay put under varying weather conditions. Glass balustrades with a stainless steel fastening system are even better as this will ensure that your fence will not corrode. It has high resistance to chemical corrosions most especially on chlorinated swimming pools. Glass has the ability to allow sunlight to pass through it, thus, if you have a glass pool fence you can be sure that the water temperature will remain cool even when the sun is up.

Heart on Display

Every glorious moment of our life is a moment that we will cherish until our last breath. After all, what do we live for other than the joy of achievements, whether it is personal, family related, professional or even spiritual. These momentous occasions that have happened ever since our childhood like our first steps and first words up to the days we retire and spend our twilight years caring for our grandchildren should be remembered and commemorated.

For those achievements that we can have physical remembrances of, like the your college admission letter, your diploma, your first pay check and so much more, you should be proud of them and as such, it would be a nice idea to set aside a place for them in your home where you can reminisce about all the good memories you can associate with those items.

In order to keep a place in your home for the items that have a place in your heart, take time to look for good quality display showcases for your memorabilia. High quality display cases will organize your memories so that you can never forget a single glorious moment. Furthermore, a display case will also protect your memorabilia and keep them in prime condition so that you can pass on your legacy for generations to come.

Luckily, good display cases are not hard to find because there are fine display cases available online. These fine craftsmen will even ship your display shelf to your home!

This article was submitted by Display Warehouse. If you are looking for high quality trophy room or store fixtures, then Display Warehouseis the place for you.

An Easy Design Idea for a Great Poolside Experience

Looking at all the design, leisure and lifestyle magazines, one theme that has popped out in almost all greatly designed pools and poolside area is having a glass fence and glass pool walls. A properly placed glass fence can give your outdoor area a great sense of space that is not achievable with any other design concept. A glass fence provides the protection that traditional fences offer without the constraints and confinement that comes with it. Glass fences are also more than able to absorb the rigors of the elements and the strong corroding power of chlorinated water.

Aside from glass fences, another great design idea is having a glass pool wall. Picture this, you have an elevated pool and instead of having a flat and boring wall facing your poolside lounge, you have glass pool walls that you can see through. Is there a more spectacular pool design idea than that? You can be lazily lounging on a deck chair but at the same time you are not detached from all the fun activities that are happening in the pool. Whether you are having a Sunday barbecue and swim or are having friends over for an epic pool party, glass pool walls will make any event you host an unforgettable experience.

Tips When Buying A Chain Hoist

A hoist is used to lift and transfer heavy equipments from one place to another. An electric hoist is often seen on workshops and a garage. Nowadays, there are a lot of chain hoists readily available in the market, such as a hand chain hoist. The important step that you need to do is to properly select a hoist that will fit the nature of your work. Here are a few tips to follow before you go out and purchase a hoist.

The first step is to determine how often you will need to use the hoist. If you will be using it for your business, then chances are that you need to use the hoist for several hours per week. Once you have determined the frequency of use, select a hoist based on its motor as there are types of motor that needs to cool down before using it again while there are also those that does not require any rest period. All hoists have their own weight capacities, check whether you will need a hoist that can support heavier weight capacities. The price will, of course, vary depending on the type of motor and weight limit you will need.

Article submitted by Hoists Direct Inc. Hoists Direct Inc is one of the leading suppliers of cranes, electric chain hoist and many more. They offer popular and world trusted brands such as Yale, Ross, Harrington, Budgit, Abell-Howe, Shaw Box and many more.