Tips on Outdoor Cushion Replacement

outdoor-furniture-set-tealTo provide the highest amount of comfort for your guests, consider replacing your outdoor cushions.

Patio chairs tend to have a short lifespan than the furniture pieces within your home. The reasons are pretty obvious being that they’re simply outdoors and are prone to being weathered after a prolonged time period. If your patio chairs have experienced the blunt of nature’s fury, don’t throw them away – simply replace their cushions.

Replacing the Cushions

If the frame is still solid, but the interior is ruined, you could easily replace the patio cushion and do a bit of upholstering. By doing so, you could end up with a brand new chair without having to break the bank. Now, there are numerous options that you have when it comes to finding new cushions. For one, you’ll need to consider whether or not the cushion covers are still intact. If they are, the only thing you will have to worry about is finding new cushions. Remember, not all cushions are alike. You’ll need to browse through the different types of foam in order to find one that suits your chair the best. This can be anything from a dense, hard material, to one that is much softer when you sit on it.

The foam cushion inside a chair might be the first thing that gets destroyed by the weather. If it isn’t designed to withstand harsh rains and winds, it could be essentially disintegrated with chunks of mold and mildew in between it. For both comfort and safety purposes, look to replace the cushion first.

The Foam Factory is your home for outdoor foam replacement. With so many options to choose from, you’ll find the right type of high-quality foam that you’re looking for.

Using an Electric Fence for Horses

By Farm Supply Store

If you own horses, you most likely have their best interest in mind at all times. For one thing, they’re a rather expensive animal, so you want to make sure they’re taken care of at all times and live a nice long life. However, most of us tend to think of our horses much like a lot of people think of their dogs. That’s why we take their safety so seriously.

Farmsupply2This is why it can be so hard for many people to consider using an electric fence for these animals. No matter what, horse fencing is essential. You need to keep them from running far from your property and hurting themselves. At the same time, you want to keep large predators on the other side of your property too.

With an electric fence tester, you can always make sure the voltage you’re using is enough to accomplish both safely. You don’t have to worry about predators getting in, but you also won’t have to worry about your horses hurting themselves. Usually, after they make contact with it once, they’ll never want to do it again, but they won’t have any serious injuries either.

So don’t let your horses get hurt; use an electric fence for their own protection.


Whether you want to build your own electric fence or you just want an electric fence charger to ensure yours is always working perfectly, you’ll love the selection of parts at Farm Supply Store.

Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass Over Other Grass Alternatives


Written By: Better Backyards

More people than ever before are opting to either build their new homes without natural grass lawns or to replace their existing grass lawns with alternative lawn options. There are plenty of good reasons why people will choose an option such as artificial grass instead of natural grass. In areas where droughts are common, removing natural grass can save the environment and reduce water bills. Removing natural grass also creates a lawn that is easy to care for and always looks great.

Artificial grass is just one alternative to natural grass. Other choices can include gravel, dirt or even concrete. While these are all options that are easier to maintain and more water efficient than natural grass, in most cases they don’t make as much sense as an artificial turf installation. There are several reasons to select artificial turf over other types of grass alternatives:

Aesthetics: Removing your natural grass doesn’t mean your lawn can’t be green. In fact, you can ensure that you have a green and lush lawn year-round with artificial grass.

Heat Reduction: Gravel and cement get very hot over the summer. It can act as a heat sink and certainly isn’t fun to walk on barefoot. Newer types of artificial turf are designed to be cool to the touch.

Safety: Gravel and rocks create choking hazards for small kids along with unstable footing that can lead to falls and twisted ankles. A properly installed artificial turf lawn is free from divots or holes that can lead to dangerous conditions.

Use Artificial Grass to Build a Backyard Mini Golf Course

artificial grass
Article written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial and Residential Division.

Nothing says family fun like a day at the miniature golf course. Children and grown-ups love spending time together putting on unique and fun golf holes. Whether they are trying to get the ball through the windmill, in a castle or over a hill, miniature golf courses are whimsical fun for everyone.

So why not have the enjoyment of miniature golf every day at your home? Almost all mini golf courses in the United States use synthetic grass as the playing surface. This means that you can duplicate some of your favorite holes from the mini golf courses you love right in your own backyard. All you need is some artificial grass, space and some creativity. [Read more…]

Artificial Grass Is a Perfect Solution for People with Allergies

Article written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division.


It’s easy to assume that having a healthy looking natural grass lawn will help you to feel healthy as well. However, for millions of Americans, the smell of fresh-cut lawn is anything but healthy. For many people with seasonal allergies, grass is a major problem. Breathing in grass pollen can leading to running noses, itchy eyes and in some severe cases asthma attacks. Being exposed directly to grass can also cause itching and hives.

So what can you do if you want to have a green lawn but are allergic to grass? Switching to synthetic grass is a great solution. An artificial turf lawn has the major advantage of having no grass pollens whatsoever. Simply put, you can enjoy an artificial grass lawn year-round without ever having to worry about your allergies acting up. You also don’t need to go outside in the spring and do mowing and other yard work that can cause your allergies to flare up since synthetic turf never needs mowing or edging.

Reducing allergy problems is just one of the potential health advantages of switching to fake grass. Since you never need to worry about using pesticides or artificial fertilizers with artificial grass, you’ll also never have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your system. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the average person has 13 different kinds of pesticides inside of their body. These have been picked up through years of contact with lawns, gardens and more. Moving to a synthetic lawn eliminates a major point of potential pesticide contamination.

Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division is a leading provider of top quality home and commercial artificial grass. The company has more than 30 years of combined experience helping people select the right turf for their needs.

The Best Artificial Grass for Shade

Written by Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division

It’s hard to grow natural grass in the shade because it needs direct sunlight to live and thrive. One of the only ways to solve this common landscaping problem is to select shade-friendly plants and flowers, or easy-to-grow plants that don’t wither without direct sunlight.

But what if you want grass? There are many shade-tolerant grasses on the market, but there’s no guarantee they will look perfect year-round. In an effort to landscape sheltered areas in your lawn or garden, you can install artificial grass. Here’s a look at the best artificial turf for shady areas in your landscape.

Residential Artificial Grass

Create a lush lawn in the shade with residential artificial grass. This maintenance-free landscaping solution offers a realistic alternative to natural grass that doesn’t wither in the shade. Many homeowners and businesses use synthetic turf to design lawns, but this high-quality groundcover can also be used to landscape pools and other areas around the home. Select varieties of this advanced turf offer lawn green and spring green colors paired with a brown and green thatch zone.

Artificial Grass Tip

Fake grass looks great with other shade-friendly plants and flowers. Our top picks include bigroot geranium, toad lily, and brunnera. Even when these plants and flowers are not in bloom, you can still enjoy green grass if you install artificial grass. Fake grass is virtually maintenance-free, which means you can not only enjoy it in the shade, but without the headaches associated with maintaining a natural grass lawn. So say goodbye to watering, mowing, fertilizing, and pulling weeds.

Artificial Turf Supply Commercial & Residential Division is a branch of Artificial Turf Supply, a leading manufacturer of advanced artificial grass products.

Landscaping Ideas with Artificial Grass

Written by Artificial Turf Supply

These days it’s not uncommon to see fake grass in your neighbor’s front lawn. In fact, many property owners have come to appreciate the benefits of fake grass and use to create lush lawns that save time and money. But fake grass isn’t limited to front lawns. In fact, homeowners and property owners around the country are using it to design a variety of unique landscaping plans that enhance add beauty and value to their properties. If you’re new to landscaping with fake grass, don’t worry. The professionals at Artificial Turf Supply have provided the following ways you can landscape with artificial grass.

Beautiful Pool Surroundings

Do you have a pool? A cost-effective way to landscape your pool is to use fake grass. Synthetic grass is a versatile product that can be cut to fit any shape or size landscaping design. Regardless of the shape and size of your pool area, you can use fake grass to beautify the area and provide a place for family and friends to relax, sunbathe, and enjoy the pool. To create a care-free landscape that can survive for weeks without maintenance, consider adding low-water plants and flowers.

Creative Walkway

Create a welcoming path to your front door with fake grass. Durable and soft underfoot, synthetic turf is a flexible material that can be used to create any type of walkway to your front door, including windy pathways, straight paths, and multi-surface pathways with fake grass, bricks, and other materials. Available in a variety of styles, fake grass will look perfect and green year-round and will also blend in with natural landscaping elements.

Artificial Turf Supply is one of the leading artificial grass suppliers in the nation, offering residential, commercial, and athletic fake lawn grass.

Three DIY Patio Furniture Makeovers

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If your home has a patio, you know how wonderful this outdoor space can be. A patio is a great extension of your home living room, where family and friends can relax, socialize, and enjoy the great outdoors. For all of these reasons, most patios are furnished with comfortable patio furniture, including rocking chairs, benches, and chaise lounges.

But patio furniture doesn’t last forever. If your patio furniture is getting old, it’s time for a DIY makeover. Just because patio furniture is worn out doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. There are many ways to update old patio furniture and bring it back to life. Here are a few simple and affordable DIY patio furniture makeovers.

New Chaise Lounge Cushion

The chaise lounge is a wonderful invention, a chair and bed hybrid designed for the outdoors. If your chaise lounge needs a makeover, consider replacing the cushion. A new patio cushion will allow you to keep the chair and enjoy it once again. When buying a new cushion for a chaise lounge, remember to purchase outdoor foam designed for patios. Outdoor foam will stand up to the outdoor elements without growing mold or getting destroyed. Simply purchase foam in the right size and shape. Consider adding a new cover for a completely new look.

New Patio Bench Cushion

If your bench is feeling a little uncomfortable, bring it back to life with a new cushion. It’s simple and affordable to replace your patio bench cushion. Simply visit your favorite online foam retailer, such as The Foam Factory. Next, look for dryfast foam, or foam designed for outdoor use. Next, find the right size and shape foam. You can also purchase a larger sheet of foam and cut it yourself at home. Finally, get new fabric for a complete makeover that will enhance your patio and add comfort to your outdoor living area.

New Sofa Cushions

Do have nice patio furniture with a sofa? An old sofa often gets uncomfortable simply because of the cushion. An easy way to update your couch is to purchase a new cushion. As mentioned with the chaise lounge and the patio bench, it’s important to purchase outdoor-ready foam, such as dryfast foam. Once you have the right foam, you can cut it to fit the shape and size of your couch. Finally, update the entire patio furniture set by purchasing new covers. You can also buy fabric and sow your own covers.
The Foam Factory is an online retailer of quality foam products, including foam for seat cushions and dryfast foam for patio furniture and boats.

How to Maintain Your Portable Air Conditioning Unit

Written by MovinCool

Summer is just around the corner, which means higher temperatures outside. Fortunately, many of us can stay nice and cool indoors with the help of our air conditioning units. If you don’t have air conditioning in your home, consider buying a portable unit.

A portable air conditioning unit is designed to keep you cool and comfortable indoors. But without proper maintenance, your unit might not work as well. On the other hand, keeping the unit clean and in good shape can help keep temperatures down and extends the life of the machine. Maintaining your air conditioning unit can also help to lower your utility bill. While some maintenance tasks might require the help of a professional technician, there are many functions you can do yourself to keep the air conditioning unit running smoothly. Whether you own a server room air conditioner or a portable air conditioning unit for the home, follow these tips on how to maintain your portable air conditioning unit.

Use the thermostat. To ensure that your air conditioning unit is running properly, make use of the programmable thermostat. When used regularly, a thermostat can save you money in energy costs. But it also helps regular the temperature, which means the unit will not have to overwork itself to bring down the temperature later.

Don’t go too low. Although you might want your home to be nice and cool, turning down the temperature too low will tax your air conditioning unit. Instead, keep your home or office at a comfortable level, around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the temperature at 78 degrees will also help save you money.

Change the filters. Every air conditioning machine and dehumidification unit has a filter, the handy product used to catch airborne contaminants. When dirty, the unit doesn’t work as efficiently. A dirty filter can also wreak havoc on the quality of the air. Without a clean, fresh filter, dust, bacteria, and other contaminants simply get circulated back into the air, where it can cause allergies. To ensure that your unit runs properly, check the filter on a monthly basis and replace it when dirty. If the filter is visually black or dirty, it’s time to replace it. You might have to replace it more often depending on the environment.

Whether you own a portable unit in your home or office, the steps above will ensure that it keeps you cool and comfortable for many years.


MovinCool is an online retailer of quality portable air conditioning units, including primary, supplemental, and spot cooling units.

Calling In The Experts

A life in Los Angeles is a dream for a lot of people. The exquisite standards of living, the possible career opportunities and the social status are all sought after by many. The thing with this particular lifestyle though is that life is very fast-paced, a lot can happen in a short period of time and therefore, every minute, every second counts. When every moment is crucial and one rarely has enough time to spend time cleaning and doing other mundane household tasks, it is best to call in the experts in cleaning Beverly Hills residences.

                By experts, I am referring to phone-in maid services that go to your house to attend to your household requirements and leave as soon as they’re done and pay only for the duration of the service. You can go about your daily routine without having to worry about anything and come simply come home to a well-kept house. Permanent stay-in maids Los Angeles can be quite difficult and can be quite costly because of the labour code. This brings us to utilizing “phone-in” cleaning services so while you’re at work, people from the Burbank office, located at 315 W. Verdugo Ave, Ste 209, Burbank, CA 91502, simply drop by, render service, and leave before you get back.

                Time is very valuable in this fast-paced life and we can choose to clean up after ourselves while doing other things, or simply call in the experts to do the dirty work so we don’t have to.


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