Give Your Kitchen a Timeless Rustic Look

Posted By: Medallion Depot

Having to periodically update the look of your home in order to fit current design trends can be such a tedious chore. Oftentimes, we get great design ideas and do some home improvement and find out only a few short months later that the design is out of date and seems tacky for popular tastes. While it is fun to keep on following new trends and exciting ideas, an easier way of keeping a beautiful home without having to do design updates way too often is to rely on tried and tested timeless design ideas and themes for your home.

A couple of specific areas of focus in home design would be the scheme and design of you walls and floors. Generally, floors and walls need to complement each other in order to create a vibrant and visually appealing space. One design idea that you could explore for your home improvement projects would be adding pattern or compass medallion accents to your floor and walls.

Decorative medallions work particularly well in classic kitchen designs. Adding classy flooring medallions can give your kitchen a comfy rustic vibe. A good pairing with flooring medallions in the kitchen would be having a backsplash medallion behind your kitchen stove or range. A backsplash medallion puts a center of focus in your kitchen that absorbs cooking splatter excellently as well. A good backsplash medallion transforms your kitchen from a utilitarian work space to a homey place for creating the fuel of great family bonding, good food.

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