Health and Comfort Benefits Via Body Wedges

A body wedge offers benefits individuals often aren’t aware of until they have the experience of using one themselves. Most of us think we’re getting along fine without one, but once a versatile body or seat wedge is added to our day-to-day routine, we realize how much comfort we’ve been missing.

Foam body wedges are available in all sizes large or small, and can be used for practically any purpose. One of their most popular applications is serving as a booster on your furniture and bed. Under your back, foam wedges offer a comfortable body angle for viewing TV or reading, without packing pillows or lumpy blankets underneath you. Wedges can also be moved under the legs for a lower-body boost in comfort or improved circulation. They can even be used to modify the angle at which you perform certain exercises during a workout.

Smaller wedges can be used as seating cushions to provide comfort, relieve pressure, and help align the spine better.  When used in the office or car, they can help you sit straighter and more naturally, reducing tension and discomfort in your back, neck, and shoulders.

A foam wedge can be made from any number of foam types, from the softest cushioning foam to the firmest support foam. Coverings are also customizable, whether you’d like a plush fabric for sleep assistance, or a durable vinyl for exercise products.