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Home improvement comes in many shapes and sizes. Repainting the front door can qualify as home improvement, so does hiring a Virginia siding contractor such as Marshall Roofing. Roof repair is one such project that can add value to your home. Unfortunately, roofing mistakes are common and costly. Avoid roof repair mishaps by reading on and finding out what these mistakes are.

It may be surprising but one of the most common mistakes when doing roof repairs is hiring the wrong contractor. It’s important to look at a roofer’s credentials before hiring them. Ask for references or look for reviews online. Another common mistake is using roof sheathing, which is not strong enough for the task at hand. Some people install shingles over damaged or rotted plywood. Other times they patch holes in wood sheathing with sheet metal. The underlayment under the shingles is an important part of the roof. Not installing underlayment or not waterproofing the underlayment can cause leaks and diminished protection during extreme weather. Avoiding warranty pitfalls by properly installing all materials and products as per manufacturer’s specifications is something every homeowner should do.

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