Bamboo Flooring Comparison, Better Than Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are typically seen as the most popular option when you are putting down hardwood flooring.  When you actually do a bamboo flooring comparison though you are going to realize that hardwood floors get beat by bamboo in every category, and this includes bamboo flooring price.

Bamboo flooring is a fantastic option if you are in the process of either building a home or doing some remodel work on your home.  Bamboo flooring has many really big benefits that you may not realize.  One of the biggest benefits to having bamboo flooring in your home is that it is extremely friendly to the environment.  Bamboo, as stated above, is completely natural.  The bamboo is from natural vegetation, and is actually a form of grass.  The bamboo is also a resource that is extremely renewable when you look at the big picture.  When you think that hardwood trees can take up to twenty years to reach their fully maturity, and then that bamboo can re-grow in just three to five years, you know you are doing great things for the environment.  This is a major benefit as we are constantly trying to save our trees.  Having bamboo re-grow to a fully mature level can make you feel good about your decision.