Three DIY Patio Furniture Makeovers

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If your home has a patio, you know how wonderful this outdoor space can be. A patio is a great extension of your home living room, where family and friends can relax, socialize, and enjoy the great outdoors. For all of these reasons, most patios are furnished with comfortable patio furniture, including rocking chairs, benches, and chaise lounges.

But patio furniture doesn’t last forever. If your patio furniture is getting old, it’s time for a DIY makeover. Just because patio furniture is worn out doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. There are many ways to update old patio furniture and bring it back to life. Here are a few simple and affordable DIY patio furniture makeovers.

New Chaise Lounge Cushion

The chaise lounge is a wonderful invention, a chair and bed hybrid designed for the outdoors. If your chaise lounge needs a makeover, consider replacing the cushion. A new patio cushion will allow you to keep the chair and enjoy it once again. When buying a new cushion for a chaise lounge, remember to purchase outdoor foam designed for patios. Outdoor foam will stand up to the outdoor elements without growing mold or getting destroyed. Simply purchase foam in the right size and shape. Consider adding a new cover for a completely new look.

New Patio Bench Cushion

If your bench is feeling a little uncomfortable, bring it back to life with a new cushion. It’s simple and affordable to replace your patio bench cushion. Simply visit your favorite online foam retailer, such as The Foam Factory. Next, look for dryfast foam, or foam designed for outdoor use. Next, find the right size and shape foam. You can also purchase a larger sheet of foam and cut it yourself at home. Finally, get new fabric for a complete makeover that will enhance your patio and add comfort to your outdoor living area.

New Sofa Cushions

Do have nice patio furniture with a sofa? An old sofa often gets uncomfortable simply because of the cushion. An easy way to update your couch is to purchase a new cushion. As mentioned with the chaise lounge and the patio bench, it’s important to purchase outdoor-ready foam, such as dryfast foam. Once you have the right foam, you can cut it to fit the shape and size of your couch. Finally, update the entire patio furniture set by purchasing new covers. You can also buy fabric and sow your own covers.
The Foam Factory is an online retailer of quality foam products, including foam for seat cushions and dryfast foam for patio furniture and boats.

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