Use Artificial Grass to Build a Backyard Mini Golf Course

artificial grass

Nothing says family fun like a day at the miniature golf course. Children and grown-ups love spending time together putting on unique and fun golf holes. Whether they are trying to get the ball through the windmill, in a castle or over a hill, miniature golf courses are whimsical fun for everyone.

So why not have the enjoyment of miniature golf every day at your home? Almost all mini golf courses in the United States use synthetic grass as the playing surface. This means that you can duplicate some of your favorite holes from the mini golf courses you love right in your own backyard. All you need is some artificial grass, space and some creativity.

If you want to make the miniature golf course a permanent part of your backyard, you can do it with a little planning. Take a map of your backyard and use this to sketch the layout of the course. The amount of space you have will tell you how many holes you can have and how long they can be. Get your family involved and think of some cool ramps, jumps and hills that you can incorporate.

Once you’ve considered your course layout, it’s time to get to work. You can either dig up your yard to create the terrain for your course or you can create terrain with concrete or wood. Lay your synthetic turf over the surface in order to give it a look and feel that is similar to what you might find at your local mini golf course. Make sure that you have raised wood or cement walls so that you can bounce the balls off of them at angles to work your way around the course.

Get creative with your mini golf course layout. You might not be able to afford a working windmill in your backyard but you can do other things that are just as fun. For example, use PVC pipes to create “tunnels” that can get balls from the tee box to the green. Consider adding sand traps or water hazards as penalties for balls that go astray. Make decorations to give each hole a theme.

There’s really no limit to what you can do with your home mini golf course. In fact, you can even create an indoor course with interchangeable holes. Use wooden panels covered that can be stacked or locked together in a variety of different ways. With just a few panels with different features like loops and ramps, you can have an endless ways to play with very little space needed.