The Best Artificial Grass for Shade

It’s hard to grow natural grass in the shade because it needs direct sunlight to live and thrive. One of the only ways to solve this common landscaping problem is to select shade-friendly plants and flowers, or easy-to-grow plants that don’t wither without direct sunlight.

But what if you want grass? There are many shade-tolerant grasses on the market, but there’s no guarantee they will look perfect year-round. In an effort to landscape sheltered areas in your lawn or garden, you can install artificial grass. Here’s a look at the best artificial turf for shady areas in your landscape.

Residential Artificial Grass

Create a lush lawn in the shade with residential artificial grass. This maintenance-free landscaping solution offers a realistic alternative to natural grass that doesn’t wither in the shade. Many homeowners and businesses use synthetic turf to design lawns, but this high-quality groundcover can also be used to landscape pools and other areas around the home. Select varieties of this advanced turf offer lawn green and spring green colors paired with a brown and green thatch zone.

Artificial Grass Tip

Fake grass looks great with other shade-friendly plants and flowers. Our top picks include bigroot geranium, toad lily, and brunnera. Even when these plants and flowers are not in bloom, you can still enjoy green grass if you install artificial grass. Fake grass is virtually maintenance-free, which means you can not only enjoy it in the shade, but without the headaches associated with maintaining a natural grass lawn. So say goodbye to watering, mowing, fertilizing, and pulling weeds.