How Do Companies Ship Foam?

Memory foam products are becoming more popular for sleeping products, and with internet shopping slowly replacing traditional in-store commerce, many people now wonder how their big, soft foam products get to where they need to go. Because of the sizable dimensions of large products like mattresses, people often imagine a worst case scenario when thinking about the cost of shipping such a large item. Fortunately, foam manufacturers have perfected packaging foam as economically as possible. One packaging method, typically used on bulk orders by larger manufacturers, is tightly rolling with heavy machinery. The other method, and the one more commonly used, particularly on individual purchases like mattresses or pillows, is vacuum packing.

Vacuum packing is one of those rare things that is as simple as it sounds. The item that needs to be shipped is attached to a vacuum that pulls air from the sealed package, substantially reducing its size. The reason this works so well is due to the fact that the majority of foam filling is air. With all the cells in open-cell foam being interconnected, you can quickly shrink a product down in size.

While it may seem as if it would take a very powerful machine to achieve the compression foam needs to economically ship, many companies don’t need or use a vacuum any more complicated or powerful than a simple wet/dry shop vacuum. Once the foam to be shipped is reduced by as much as 75 percent, it is sealed, wrapped, packaged, and sent on its way, cost-effectively.


What Exactly is a Floor Heater?

A conventional forced air heating system works like a charm in keeping you warm and cozy on a cold winter night. Whoever invented the room heater deserves a medal for keeping millions of people comfortable and relaxed even during times of extreme cold. There is one thing that room heaters fail to address though. Whenever you walk barefoot, you have to suffer the painful cold crawling up through your feet because room heaters do not heat up tiles very well. Fear not, for there is something called a heated tile system for that.

Just what is a floor heater? Well, a floor heater keeps your floor warm and comfortable even during freezing winter conditions by passing an electric current through cables that run under the floor– as long as your floor is made of conductive stone-like materials like granite, slate, marble or cement. The cable used for the system is very thin so you do not have to worry about excess floor elevation. It is also adjustable so you can have warm tile thermostat control to suit your exact need.

If you want to install a bathroom system, you do not have to worry about dying from electric shock. Bathroom specific floor heater systems are well insulated so that you do not run the risk of being electrocuted by your own floor.

Floor heaters are easy to find and install. Most models can be purchased online and installation only requires basic electrical and construction skills. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself one now!

The Electric Hoist: Safety and Precautions

So you’ve finally gotten your hands on the coveted electric chain hoist, and you’re ready to put it to some good use. However, have you taken some time to familiarize yourself with the safety information concerning it’s proper use? Be sure to read through and fully understand all of the safety instructions located in your manual. With that in mind, please allow us a few moments to share some examples with you.

The electric hoist is a powerful device so make sure that you fully understand how to use it properly.

Most contemporary hoists come with many safety features such as shock protection and emergency stop switches. Know their location and how to use them. While hoists may seem indestructible and reliable, they should never be used to lift or transport personnel. If the atmosphere is filled with flammable fumes or explosive chemicals, do not operate your electric hoist. And make sure that the load being lifted is secure and properly attached.

Be sure to take some precautionary measures as well before using this device. Maintenance is a must so be sure to inspect your hoist on a regularly, looking for frayed and corrosive wiring. In addition, be sure to check that the gear box is properly lubricated before use.

While this information may seem like common sense, in the midst of operation and the rush to get a job completed on time, things can get missed. This information is just a fraction of what needs to be heeded. Be sure to take the extra time! 

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Give Your Kitchen a Timeless Rustic Look

Posted By: Medallion Depot

Having to periodically update the look of your home in order to fit current design trends can be such a tedious chore. Oftentimes, we get great design ideas and do some home improvement and find out only a few short months later that the design is out of date and seems tacky for popular tastes. While it is fun to keep on following new trends and exciting ideas, an easier way of keeping a beautiful home without having to do design updates way too often is to rely on tried and tested timeless design ideas and themes for your home.

A couple of specific areas of focus in home design would be the scheme and design of you walls and floors. Generally, floors and walls need to complement each other in order to create a vibrant and visually appealing space. One design idea that you could explore for your home improvement projects would be adding pattern or compass medallion accents to your floor and walls.

Decorative medallions work particularly well in classic kitchen designs. Adding classy flooring medallions can give your kitchen a comfy rustic vibe. A good pairing with flooring medallions in the kitchen would be having a backsplash medallion behind your kitchen stove or range. A backsplash medallion puts a center of focus in your kitchen that absorbs cooking splatter excellently as well. A good backsplash medallion transforms your kitchen from a utilitarian work space to a homey place for creating the fuel of great family bonding, good food.

Article submitted by Medallion Depot. Medallion Depot has a wide array of decorative medallions to help improve your home.

An Easy Design Idea for a Great Poolside Experience

Looking at all the design, leisure and lifestyle magazines, one theme that has popped out in almost all greatly designed pools and poolside area is having a glass fence and glass pool walls. A properly placed glass fence can give your outdoor area a great sense of space that is not achievable with any other design concept. A glass fence provides the protection that traditional fences offer without the constraints and confinement that comes with it. Glass fences are also more than able to absorb the rigors of the elements and the strong corroding power of chlorinated water.

Aside from glass fences, another great design idea is having a glass pool wall. Picture this, you have an elevated pool and instead of having a flat and boring wall facing your poolside lounge, you have glass pool walls that you can see through. Is there a more spectacular pool design idea than that? You can be lazily lounging on a deck chair but at the same time you are not detached from all the fun activities that are happening in the pool. Whether you are having a Sunday barbecue and swim or are having friends over for an epic pool party, glass pool walls will make any event you host an unforgettable experience.

How to Care for Bamboo Flooring

Just like caring for any type of hardwood flooring, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to bamboo flooring.  High quality bamboo flooring requires regular maintenance so it stays looking fresh and beautiful.

You should sweep bamboo flooring each day.  One important piece of bamboo flooring information is to never wax this type of flooring.  You will need to use a damp mop only when the time comes for you to deep clean the floor.  You never want to add water directly on the flooring.

Bamboo floors are not recommended in climates with high humidity.  If you decide you just must have bamboo floors and you live in a high humidity area, you will need to keep your home at a cool temperature during the hot months.  It is also recommended that you do not have direct sunlight in the area of the bamboo.  Direct sunlight will not only discolor the bamboo but will soften it as well.

While bamboo floors are durable, they are not indestructible.  Never walk on your bamboo with high heels on.  The pressure from the heels can do great damage to bamboo flooring.

Guide In Hiring A Remodeling Contractor

When hiring a remodeling contractor, it is important that you find one who is skillful enough to deliver the best outcome possible. Whether you would want to include a tuckpointing on your commercial lot or have someone to do something as simple as a gutter repair, you need to evaluate the remodeling contractor carefully to save not only money but time as well. Here are a few steps to do when you need to hire a remodeling contractor.

It is hands down that word of mouth is one of the best sources to find a remodeling contractor. Ask people whom you personally know such as your family and friends, chances are they or someone they know have hired a remodeling contractor in the past. When hiring a remodeling contractor, check if he or she had obtained all the necessary permits and licenses from the state and local municipalities. It is also better if the remodeling contractor is part of any associations in the remodeling industry. When you have chosen a remodeling contractor to work with, ask for client references so you can get in touch with their previous clients. Ask whether the contractor has met their expectations and if they have worked within the set budget.

Article submitted by Chicago Remodeling Solutions. Chicago Remodeling Solutions is a company who can handle remodeling projects and even roof repair Chicago area for you. With more than 25 years of experience, Chicago Remodeling Solutions delivers exceptional work both for commercial and residential remodeling projects.

Keep Food Fresh with Fridge Foam

Including fresh fruits and vegetables in our everyday diet is important, as their vitamins and nutrients fight for your body, rather than working against it. The hardest part about eating these healthy foods and not falling back on salty, sugary, processed food is keeping them fresh, since a peach or pepper will always spoil more quickly than cookies or chips. Surprisingly, foam can play a meaningful role in keeping many fruits and vegetables fresh, saving the money wasted when we throw out rotten food, and the time saved by not having to make a daily trip to the grocery to stock up.

In stores, fresh produce is kept in shelving units that chill and mist the food. Keeping this food from rotting or drying out is important so it doesn’t go bad before it gets sold. Cushioning foam materials are often included as part of these shelving displays, as they’re non-absorbent and soft enough to keep the food from bruising or rotting due to pressure. The idea of food packaging pads is applied outside of the cooling shelves as well, seen in the polyethylene webbing sleeves that individually wrap around delicate fruits that don’t require refrigeration.

Fruits that easily bruise require shipping foam-style eggcrate displays that keep them in place and prevent them from easily rolling around and damaging one another as people make their selections. The easier a fruit can bruise, the greater the chance of in-store loss as people refuse to buy them. Holders often feature a layer of polyethylene foam over their convoluted forms to reduce the impact of fruit tumbling into a vacated spot.

In the home, excessive moisture can also hasten rotting, especially for fruits like berries that are packaged in plastic tubs. Thin sheets of reticulated quick-drying foam can be used as a layer between fruit and the shelf or tub will that allow air to pass while keeping pressure and excess moisture away from the fruit, keeping them fresher, for longer. Paper towel under the foam layer makes cleaning easy too!