Three Ways Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Can Help Improve Your Pool

Frameless glass pool fencing is a way to really improve the whole presentation of your outdoor pool.  An outdoor pool is a huge family investment, whether it be an above ground or an in ground pool.  Regardless, a pool is something that can cost a few thousands dollars at the very least if you want something that can be the focal point of your backyard for years to come.  These pools are great for families as they provide a retreat from the heat in the dead of summer, and sprucing it up with a nice glass fence may be the way to go.



The first way that this frameless glass can really help your pool is that first and foremost it will keep strangers from getting into the pool.  A frameless glass fence around your pool will help keep out people whom you do not want in your pool.  If a stranger goes in your pool and gets injured you may still be liable for any damages, personal of not personal, that may be the result of their poor decision.

Second, the frameless glass will help keep pets and other animals out of the pool.  This will not prevent birds and such, but it will certainly keep alligators out of the pool, as well as other common animals that may see your pool as a lake for them to enjoy.


Dimension 1 Glass has great options for this pool fencing.  Glass balustrade pool fencing is becoming more and more popular, and the frameless fencing option can really add a lot of pop to your pool.