Solid Foam Beds for Your Pet’s Health and Comfort

If you are a pet owner, it’s almost a guarantee that you’ve seen them fall asleep in the strangest positions and places imaginable. But while our furry friends seem to have an innate ability to catch up on their sleep anywhere and anyhow, that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be appreciative of a supremely comfortable place to curl up in. For the animal in your life, foam pet beds are perfect for giving them the comfort they want and deserve.



Because they are made for beings that can’t comment or complain on their build, many pet beds are filled with low-quality filling. They’re soft and full when the bed is new, but flatten and bunch over time, leaving a lumpy, uneven service; one that is often under-filled as well. A custom made pet bed of foam will offer comfort and support to your pet while still keeping intact the clean appearance of your home. Beds can be purchased in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to fit your pet too, just like foam mattresses for humans. Solid foam pillow fill evenly distributes pressure and never bunches or leaves unsupportive areas like loose fiber filling tends to do.


Memory foam can even be used to make special pet bed cushions, conforming to their bodies and offering premium comfort and better circulation; a trait of particular benefit to older pets or ones with health problems. A solid foam pet bed is also resilient, returning to shape nap after nap. And due to its compressible nature, a foam pet bed can be easily moved, stored or brought along on trips. A pressure relieving cushion like this can be compressed down to a fraction of its regular size and still return to the original shape when unpacked. Getting your pet a solid foam bed is a win-win situation; your pets will feel better and because of that, so will you.