Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Summer

Written by Your Filter Connection

Summer is nearly here, which means it’s time to prepare your home for the hottest months of the year. While most people get out and about during this time of the year, the home is always the comfortable refuge from the hot weather and blazing sun. By preparing ahead of time, you can decrease the chance of getting stuck without air conditioning or breaking a useful home appliance. Here are a few tips for home owners to prepare their house for summer.

Replace the Air Conditioner Filter

The home air conditioner is the most important piece of equipment during the summer. It’s what will keep you and your family cool and comfortable while the temperature outside reaches triple digits. But chances are you haven’t turned it on since last summer, when you might have used it nearly every day. Just like you will have to purchase a replacement furnace filter before wintertime, the same rule applies to your air conditioning unit.

If you haven’t touched your air conditioning unit since last year, it’s time to replace the filter and prepare it for this summer. Replacing the air conditioning filter will allow the unit to work properly and capture air born contaminants from circulating back into the air. Air conditioner filters are affordable and can be found at Your Filter Connection.

Replace Other Filters

Depending on the appliances you have in your home, you might need to replace more than your air conditioning filter. If you have an air filter, make sure that the filter is clean and new for the new season as well. Other filters to replace in time for summer include your water filter, the fridge filter, and humidifier filter.

Bring Out Cotton and Linen Fabrics

During the cold months of the year, our homes are usually adorned in warm thick materials, from thick drapes in the living room and bedrooms to warm and heavy blankets on our beds. But summertime calls for light and airy fabrics such as cotton and linen. Take a look around your home. It’s time to bring out new fabrics. Exchange heavy drapes for light and thin drapes. Get rid of heavy blankets and throws and bring out cotton sheets, blankets and comforters. The same rule applies to fabrics in the kitchen. Light and airy drapes will invite the summer breeze and allow the sun to shine through, while light and airy blankets and comforters will keep you from getting too hot during the warm summer nights.
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