Kneeling Pads in the Garden and Garage

Working in the garden or on the car in the garage is truly a labor of love, with all the time spent on hands and knees, in awkward, uncomfortable positions. But the resulting blooming flower bed or the throaty roar of an engine as you punch the accelerator is always worth it. The path to that satisfaction doesn’t need to be unpleasant though, and something as simple as adding foam knee pads to your garden or garage supplies can make things much more enjoyable.

Working in the garden, any number of sticks, twigs and mulch pieces can poke or scrape you as you go about your work. Kneeling in the dirt will also ruin a pair of pants and pack down the soil in the areas you rest, making the area harder to grow in. With a kneeling pad, essentially a trimmed down camp mat, you can keep your clothes clean and spread your weight across a broader area, a much healthier solution for the soil and your saplings and bulbs.

In the garage, the cement floor can quickly cut short a tune-up by offering up aching knees and a sore back. A kneeling pad is just thick enough to cushion you against the hard cement without lofting you to the point you can’t get under the vehicle. It’s very affordable to buy foam rubber so you can cut shapes that match your needs, whether you want a longer pad to stretch out on or a small one to save space. For people with the rolling garage dollies called creepers, a soft foam pad is a great way to increase comfort as well. Whichever hobby you are passionate about, foam kneeling pads are a great way to make it more enjoyable and more comfortable.