Have Fun Creating Your Own Stamps

Foam is often viewed as a work product, used in building or home furnishing applications. Open-cell foams are used in couch cushions and mattresses and closed-cell foam is routinely used in sound treatment and home insulation. There is a lighter side to foam however, one that doesn’t require it to be used in a work capacity. Because of its unique textures and shapability, foams are an excellent material for use in arts and crafts and particularly in stamping and painting applications.

Whether you’re trying to create a professional-grade paint job in your home or finger painting with your children, customized foam stamping materials can be a fun and practical painting product.

It’s easy to make clean foam cuts with closed-cell materials like neoprene or minicell by using a sharp, non-serrated blade. The consistency of these kinds of foams allows very detailed stamps to be created that can make one-of-a-kind designs for home DIY projects or arts and crafts. They’re an interactive way to give your children a say in their environment by letting them create patterns for a teen bedroom design. Stamps can just as easily be implemented in the planning of the nursery for a new arrival to the family.

Open-cell foam on the other hand, can create a sponge-like pattern. Many pre-cut shapes are made for toys, so depending on what design you’re going for, you can likely find a pre-made form. Open-cell foam is also excellent for applying paint to tight areas where brushes aren’t getting the job done.

Be it a DIY construction job or playtime with the family, foam stamping is a simple and effective process no matter what your project is.