How to Buy Upholstery Foam

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Foam is a versatile material than can be used to revive old furniture seats and cushions. In fact, a growing number of furniture owners are using foam to update everything from chairs and couches to benches and outdoor patio seats. Many people prefer working with foam because it’s affordable, flexible, and extremely easy to use.

If you’re in the market for upholstery foam, you might be overwhelmed with the many options for sale. From flexible polyurethane foam to Dryfast outdoor foam, there are countless types of foam to choose from. But fret not. With a little research and helpful information, it’s easy to find the foam you need for your DIY upholstery project. Use the following tips to find upholstery foam according to your project requirements.

Choose the right foam retailer. Before you can buy foam, you will need to find a trusted retailer. Whether you find one online or at your local mall, make sure that the retailer specializes in foam products. This means that the retailer’s main business is selling foam. Purchasing upholstery foam from a specialized dealer such as Canada Foam by Mail ensures that you’re getting a higher quality product. In addition, a specialized foam retailer will know more about foam than a mega retailer that sells thousands of different items. The right foam retailer can answer all of your questions and help you find the right type of foam your project.

Find the right type of foam. When searching for upholstery foam, you will need to narrow your search based on the type of furniture you plan to revive. For example, if you need foam to replace couch backing cushions, we recommend super soft foam. This foam usually lasts about five years and can also be used as a mattress or a mattress topper. If you need longer-lasting foam, consider high quality upholstery foam, which lasts up to 16 years.

Outdoor furniture and marine seating also requires different type of foam. If you plan to use the foam for outdoor patio furniture or boat cushions, it’s important to buy outdoor-ready foam. Outdoor foam is designed to withstand rain and other outdoor conditions without falling prey to mold and bacteria.

Purchase the right amount and size. Many foam retailers sell foam in standard sizes and shapes. However, the right retailer can custom cut foam to fit your needs. It’s important to properly measure the cushions or seats you plan to replace. Then, use the measurements to order new foam. You can ask the retailer to cut the foam, or purchase large sheets and cut the foam on your own using a using an electronic knife or sharp carving knife.
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