Easy Makeover Ideas for Your Bedroom

Written by BeddingStyle

Does your bedroom need a makeover? Whether you need a change or would like to replace old furniture, giving your bedroom a makeover can be a fun and exciting project. It is a great way to celebrate a new season or a new chapter in your life. Although it can be fun, redecorating can also be overwhelming. Where do you start? How much money do you need? How long will it take?
The good news is that with a little planning, you can revamp your bedroom without spending a lot of time and money. The following are affordable and easy makeover ideas for your bedroom.
Purchase new bedding. Do you have old, faded bedding? One of the easiest ways to transform the look of your bedroom is to buy new bedding. Designer bedding can revive a drab bedroom. It can also add style and much-needed comfort, especially if you invest in quality bedding. There are many bedding collections on the market, available in various colors, patterns and styles. It’s easy to find an affordable set that matches your style and budget. For example, BeddingStyle.com carries beautiful bedding collections at discount prices.
What do you need? When buying a new bedding, it’s important to purchase an entire set, including a comforter (or duvet), bed skirt, shams, and sheets. An entire set will add the most color and texture to your room. For additional style and texture, you can also purchase matching throw pillows or a throw blanket.
Get new curtains. Does your bedroom have curtains? Once you have your bedding, another easy simple way to improve the look of your bedroom is to purchase new curtains. Curtains should match the rest of your décor, including the bedding. Whether you choose solid color curtains or patterned curtains, make sure that is complements the room instead of taking away or clashing with the rest of the décor. Purchase light, airy curtains for the warmer months and thicker curtains for wintertime.
Add wall art. White, bare walls can get depressing over time. It’s important to add character to your room with wall art and décor. Wall art includes posters, paintings, framed photographs, clocks, and decorative pieces. The idea is to decorate your walls with art that complements the rest of the décor. Wall art doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make it yourself or purchase affordable art from discount stores and garage sales.
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