Replace Your Furnace Filter to Stay Safe from the Flu

There are many steps that people can take to protect themselves from the flu during the cold winter months. Many people take precautionary steps like getting their flu shots or frequently washing their hands but don’t think twice about their HVAC unit. This is a mistake, as the quality and condition of your furnace filter can play a major role in keeping you healthy through the winter.

Flus and viruses are spread through the air – the same air that is circulated throughout a house by the home heating system. Heating and air conditioner filters are meant to help stop the spread of these germs along with dust and other particles that can trigger allergies, asthma and other health problems. However, if you don’t regularly monitor, clean and replace your HVAC filters, they won’t offer you the protection you need from airborne germs and pollutants.

It’s recommended that you replace your HVAC filters three to four times per year. It’s especially important for you to check them after long periods where they haven’t been used regularly. For example, you’ll want to inspect – and likely replace – your air filter as the temperatures start to drop in the winter and you anticipate that you’ll be using your heater on a regular basis. Fortunately, it’s easy to find affordable furnace filters online. Leading online shops such as Your Filter Connection offer low prices on filters from a wide variety of brands with easy purchase and shipping options.

When considering purchasing furnace filters to help protect your family from the flu, allergies and other health issues, it’s important to look at buying high-quality air filters. Check to see what the MERV Rating is of a particular air filter. This will tell you the amount of airborne particulates that are captured by the air filter. The scale goes from one to 16, with a higher number offering more protecting. Companies such as Filtrete offer filters that are specifically designed to filter out allergens and other airborne particulates that can be spread through the HVAC system.

Along with replacing your furnace filter, you can also protect yourself against the flu by using a UV air purifier with a high-quality air filter. These systems have been used for years in commercial and industrial buildings to inhibit the growth or spread of germs, mold, bacteria and fungi that can spread through ventilation systems. Residential UV air purifiers can help to provide the same benefits for home HVAC systems.


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