Adding Glass to Your Pool

Article Written by : Garden Desgin

No matter why you bought your pool, you want it to look its best. Pools can add value to your home, but they can just as easily become an eyesore you try hiding from the neighbors. One easy way to dress up your pool is by adding glass. No, not into the water—around it! Keep reading to find out how this will give your pool a unique look all its own.

A frameless pool fence is one of the easiest ways you can dress your pool up. For one thing, you need a fence, by law. But this doesn’t mean you should just put up any old thing. Rather, use it as an opportunity to beautify your property. A glass fence does just that. It’s just visible enough to draw the eye and attention of onlookers. At the same time, it makes the pool more enjoyable because it will block out wind and noise, but not the sun. If your children are enjoying the pool, you’ll be able to observe from a distance.

Glass pool windows are an amazing addition to any pool. It essentially allows you to observe what is going on within the pool. This works for out-of-ground pools or for those that share a wall with your home. People on both sides of the glass will enjoy the fun arrangement.

Don’t let your pool become boring. The above examples are easy ways to use glass to make it look wonderful.