Should You Choose A Portable Air Conditioning Unit Over Conventional Ones?

Nowadays, you will find portable air conditioning units in the market that are loaded with benefits that will make you want to replace your old and traditional home air conditioner. A portable a/c can also be used as an outdoor cooling unit when you have a garden party at home. It also comes with a modern feature that can serve as a portable dehumidifier.

A portable air conditioning unit is compact, it is perfect for small homes and apartments as it will not take up too much of your floor space. It can work just as powerful as your conventional air conditioner. The only difference is that with the same capacity as traditional ones, a portable air conditioning unit requires less energy consumption. Some units are built with a set of wheels which make transfers easy. It is also easy to use, you do not need to hire a professional to install your portable a/c as you can easily make it work. There are new portable a/c units in the market that are battery operated, perfect when your area is prone to power disruptions.


Article submitted by MovinCool. Since 1982, MovinCool is one of the leading providers of high quality portable air conditioners. The company also offers a ceiling mounted portable a/c that is a perfect alternative for fan coil units.

Foam Cylinders Help You Store, Organize Boots

When spring and summer make their annual appearances, stashing your cold-weather clothing away can seem like a celebration. For clothing like sweaters, long johns, or mittens, this can mean folding them neatly and placing them in a winter clothes bin or a dedicated dresser where dirt and insects won’t have access. Other pieces of winter garb, such as boots, can benefit from a less obvious maintenance method.

Tall boots, whether designed for fashion or function, are often tossed to the floor of a closet, where they get mashed, folded, and crushed over time as things get added, removed, and adjusted in the closet. This kind of abuse can lead to creases, and, in the worst case scenario, damaged leather. To keep cracks, wrinkles, and other deformations from happening, polyethylene foam is the perfect protection product. Ever-present in the form of pool noodles in the summer, foam cylinders can make a substantial difference when slid into boots. Rigid enough to stand the boots upright, the foam tubes mimic an actual wearer. Not only does maintaining this boot shape help prevent accidental damage, it makes organization, displaying, and even polishing and cleaning much easier.

Foam cylinders are very easy to cut, and just one tube, trimmed to size, can provide enough foam to protect multiple pairs of boots, based upon their height. Available in various diameters, your ability to find a size that works well for you is all but guaranteed.

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for all sorts of DIY craft foam. Whether you need thin foam sheets or a thick foam roller, you can find it there.

A Brief History of Doors from the DarkAges

This article submitted by ETO Doors. You can find the best quality doors from ETO Doors. Please visit the ETO Doors Twitter page to check out latest updates.

The Middle Ages or Medieval Ages, is technically from 5th to the 15th C. One of the most featured periods in the Middle Ages, is what is called the Early Period of Dark Ages. The Dark Ages The trademarks of the Middle Ages includes castles, stories of kings and queens, but also the rather bland but functional architecture.

The Dark Ages architecture was meant to be more protective than fashionable, this focus eventually changed in the High and Late Middle Ages period, but for the Early period, most inhabitants of the Western Europe were thinking defensively. And because Middle Ages residents lived in a constant state of concern for invasion and pillaging, their doors were absent large windows, but rather were thick, with smaller peepholes, that we would now call a ‘speakeasy window’.

Iron was frequently included in the infrastructure of entryways; if there were windows or openings within a door, that opening would be protected by iron bars usually in a hashtag formation. Actual door shapes during the Middle Ages usually included an arched top, which would be matched with brick molding around the edge of the door. Front doors were usually singular, with double doors left for castles and homes of those in the upper classes of society.

A modern way to create the Early Middle Ages appeal is with the ETO Doors Rustic series. The Rustic series can be made with straight or arched tops, and comes with a speakeasy window and iron grill. Decorative iron nails, or clavos, are also included with the purchase. Doors from ETO can be stained or painted to your liking, so if you’re really keen to have an aged look to your Rustic series, you can use a variety of painting techniques to create the old wooden feel. Or, if you’re looking for a modern take on the Rustic door, a glossy black or red is a great way to set your entryway apart from the others.

To speak with an experienced ETO Doors team member about the Rustic Doors call 888-DOORS-ETO or visit for one of the largest selection of doors online!

Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

Every homeowner wants an emerald green lawn. But what if you own a dog? Although they are considered man’s best friend, dogs are notorious for ruining grass and natural landscapes. Dogs not only dig and chew just about everything, they also go to the bathroom outside. This causes dead, brown patches in natural grass. You might also see areas of grass that have been overgrown. But just because you own a pet doesn’t mean you can’t have a nice yard, especially if you install artificial grass.

Artificial grass is a great way for you to enjoy a green lawn that is suitable for you and your dog. In fact, it is the only type of grass that is not susceptible to dog urine, digging, and chewing. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which type of fake grass to buy? There’s synthetic grass for playgrounds, residential use, commercial use, and more. Here’s a look at how to choose the best artificial grass for dogs.

The best artificial grass for dogs is synthetic turf designed with pets in mind. When you contact your artificial grass manufacturer, make sure that they offer more than just pet-friendly synthetic grass. It must be created for pets. This means that the synthetic turf comes with special features, such as antibacterial elements. Artificial grass for pets is also designed to drain urine easily. This means that your beautiful grass system will be free of odor.

In addition to being designed for pets, artificial grass for dogs is also created with the owner in mind. Synthetic turf is ideal for homeowners with pets because it is easy to maintain. It doesn’t have to be watered, mowed, or fertilized. When it’s time to clean the grass due to urine or feces, all you need to do is hose down the turf with a little water. It should drain easily without leaving any stains.

Another benefit of synthetic grass for pets is that there is no dirt involved. Dogs can’t dig up synthetic grass. What’s more, when it rains, synthetic grass does not produce mud. This keeps your dogs and your home free of dirt and mud.

If you own a dog but don’t want to sacrifice a beautifully landscaped yard, consider installing artificial turf grass. It is healthy for pets, people, and the environment. It’s also cost-effective in the long run, saving you money on maintenance and water.


This article was provided by CCGrass Landscapes, a professional artificial grass manufacturer with worldwide installation in more than 72 countries. Visit CCGrass Landscapes to purchase artificial grass for dogs, homes, or playgrounds. 

Bamboo flooring information

Bamboo is a green initiative of the construction industry. It is usually cheap and fast to grow plans that produce high quality bamboo flooring. It takes 5 to 7 years unlike other hardwoods that take decades to mature. They do not need special care or even fertilizers. They also don’t require large parcels of land.

You can get whatever bamboo flooring information you need online. The types, styles, colors of the flooring, the qualities available, the price ranges for the different categories, installations procedures, the warranties and any post installation services offered by the suppliers and importantly the many benefits derived from bamboo as a flooring material.

Always ask for a sample, check the finish of the sample for scratch resistance also for cracking or peeling. This also can tell you a lot about the quality of the sample. Samples can be found in the local suppliers outlets. Maintenance instructions must be provided too. Then you can make a decision.

What to Look for In Your Maid Service

If you’re looking for maid service, Los Angeles households have many to choose from. The area is a hotbed for businesses dedicated to keeping homes clean and well organized. While having so many options is a good thing, it can also provide a unique problem. If you’re currently in the market for a Los Angeles, Malibu or Beverly Hills maid service, read on for some helpful tips.

Although you have many options in the area, it always helps to choose a service that is close to your home. California traffic being what it is, the longer your maid has to drive, the more likely it is that they will be delayed.

As with any business, it’s important you pick a reputable provider. Make sure that your maid service comes with all the necessary certifications and licenses. This will also go for the main they assign you. Make sure that they are licensed to work and that a background check was done on them prior to employment.

Lastly, look for recommendations for trusted friends and family. No advertised benefit can compare to people’s actual experiences with a business. Of course, someone could only be happy with a provider because they like their specific maid. That’s why it’s important you insist on an initial trial period.


Article submitted by A Maid Zing. Since 2000, the California house cleaning service has been providing the Southern California region with the best maids in the business. They have successfully served more than 10,000 clients in Malibu, Glendale, Culver City and more.

Necessary Remodeling Before Selling Your Home

If you’re selling your home soon, you probably already have enough to think about without even more advice added on top. But if you wanted to get the largest offer possible, here are some remodeling projects to consider.

Finish your basement. Basement finishing makes a house a whole different property. All of a sudden there’s a new viable level people can explore in their home. It can be expensive to do, but only the bare minimum is needed for a home that’s set to move anyway.

Siding is a great option for any home. It makes for a great exterior without all the extra cash. Many people actually prefer siding these days, as it does the same job for less and there’s less maintenance too. So siding that is hurting in anyway should get some siding repair before being staged for potential buyers.

The kitchen is bar-none, the deal-breaker of any home. You can spend tens-of-thousands remodeling it, of course, but that’s not necessary in a home you’re looking to sell. Doing something as small (though still pricey) as new countertops can go a long way in upping the price of any home.

Selling a home can be a stressful time, but the above three projects can help move your property fast.


Article submitted by Chicago Remodeling Solutions. They are remodeling contractors Chicago residents have come to know and trust due to their reputation for dependable service and quality work. Their services include Chicago water damage restoration and roofing, amongst other things.

How to Choose a Decorative Tile for Your Home

There are many things that you can change and update to improve the look of your home. Adding decorative tiles such as a compass medallion on your floor will add to the aesthetic appeal to your home. Aside from a marble floor medallion, you can also use decorative tiles to cover your entire floor for a more dramatic and artistic effect.

Browsing through a catalog of decorative tiles can be overwhelming, you will find a variety of ideas that you would want to incorporate into your own home. However, before you go and purchase one there are a couple of things that you will need to consider to blend the look of your home seamlessly. Decorative tiles may sometimes clash with your existing theme, take the colors of your walls, furniture and floor as a base when choosing a decorative tile. If you would want to have a floor medallion, see to it that it has all the colors of your current theme. If not, you can always go for neutral colored ones such as black, white, brown and cream. You may also want to purchase a couple of sample tiles to check how it will appear in different lights inside your home.


Article submitted by Medallion Depot. Medallion Depot is your one-stop online store for various decorative tiles. They offer backsplash medallions, Glass mosaics, custom made floor medallions and so much more.