A Brief History of Doors from the DarkAges

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The Middle Ages or Medieval Ages, is technically from 5th to the 15th C. One of the most featured periods in the Middle Ages, is what is called the Early Period of Dark Ages. The Dark Ages The trademarks of the Middle Ages includes castles, stories of kings and queens, but also the rather bland but functional architecture.

The Dark Ages architecture was meant to be more protective than fashionable, this focus eventually changed in the High and Late Middle Ages period, but for the Early period, most inhabitants of the Western Europe were thinking defensively. And because Middle Ages residents lived in a constant state of concern for invasion and pillaging, their doors were absent large windows, but rather were thick, with smaller peepholes, that we would now call a ‘speakeasy window’.

Iron was frequently included in the infrastructure of entryways; if there were windows or openings within a door, that opening would be protected by iron bars usually in a hashtag formation. Actual door shapes during the Middle Ages usually included an arched top, which would be matched with brick molding around the edge of the door. Front doors were usually singular, with double doors left for castles and homes of those in the upper classes of society.

A modern way to create the Early Middle Ages appeal is with the ETO Doors Rustic series. The Rustic series can be made with straight or arched tops, and comes with a speakeasy window and iron grill. Decorative iron nails, or clavos, are also included with the purchase. Doors from ETO can be stained or painted to your liking, so if you’re really keen to have an aged look to your Rustic series, you can use a variety of painting techniques to create the old wooden feel. Or, if you’re looking for a modern take on the Rustic door, a glossy black or red is a great way to set your entryway apart from the others.

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