How to Choose a Decorative Tile for Your Home

There are many things that you can change and update to improve the look of your home. Adding decorative tiles such as a compass medallion on your floor will add to the aesthetic appeal to your home. Aside from a marble floor medallion, you can also use decorative tiles to cover your entire floor for a more dramatic and artistic effect.

Browsing through a catalog of decorative tiles can be overwhelming, you will find a variety of ideas that you would want to incorporate into your own home. However, before you go and purchase one there are a couple of things that you will need to consider to blend the look of your home seamlessly. Decorative tiles may sometimes clash with your existing theme, take the colors of your walls, furniture and floor as a base when choosing a decorative tile. If you would want to have a floor medallion, see to it that it has all the colors of your current theme. If not, you can always go for neutral colored ones such as black, white, brown and cream. You may also want to purchase a couple of sample tiles to check how it will appear in different lights inside your home.


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