The Secret Complexities of bedding

Your basic bed from the bottom has its fitted sheet, blankets, and pillows. But have you ever walked into someone’s house and seen a bed that is probably fancier than you think you’ve seen, and wonder how they pull it off? Well the answer is as simple as using some soft linen in simple colors, a few contrasting pillows, and maybe a small blanket folded at the foot of your bed. Though no matter how beautiful our bedding may end up looking, there is always one problem that we all run into, stains on our blankets.

No matter where you look most people either get a special washer or have to go to the laundry mat in order to clean their comforters and large blankets, duvet covers eliminate this process. A duvet cover is simple a sheet or sleeve that you put your soft, downy, duvet on the inside. Usually using extremely fragile but comfortable stuffing or down that you can’t wash or it would ruin the stuffing, so instead you get a cover. Imagine it much like a pillow case for your pillow, though you should still throw the duvet in the dryer with the other bedding to keep it fresh only the duvet cover should be washed. An easy way to apply your duvet cover is to turn it inside out, roll it up on your arms, grab the edges of the duvet and pull it through. Now enjoy your new bed!

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