Revitalizing your Room with Upholstery Foam

Written By:  Canada Foam By Mail

A bit of foam can drastically alter the appearance of any room. You can add upholstery foam to old and sagging couches, or reupholster furniture and repurpose other items to create the shabby-chic look. The result beautifies the home, but serves to keep things at a cost-efficient price.

Simply changing the upholstery foam on any piece of furniture creates a fuller appearance and instantly revitalizes the older piece. Give sagging couches a face lift without paying costly fees to refurbish them.

Changing Upholstery

Changing the upholstery foam also makes furniture more comfortable, as it’s plusher and more buoyant. Take off old upholstery and any old staples from the dust cover, unfasten the frame of the furniture and remove the old upholstery foam. To refill, measure and cut the new foam and then seal the upholstery with tacks, staples and other methods.


A bay window provides a beautiful focal point to the room, a relaxing retreat to have morning tea or coffee, and adds dimension to any room. Create a comfortable place to sit in your bay window by adding upholstery foam covered with fabric that accents the surrounding décor. Simply measure the area that needs to be covered and cut the foam according to those dimensions. Then cover the foam with fabric to complete the look. Add pillows and a throw blanket for extra elegance and comfort.

Covering a chest with upholstery foam and fabric provides a nice seating area—whether the chest is situated at the foot of a bed or casually along a wall. You can also extend the size of you bed by laying discount memory foam mattress over pieces of furniture that are level with the bed, like a chest or an ottoman.

Add upholstery foam to anything imaginable to create something new. Any flat surface, that has sturdy legs and upholstery foam added to it can serve as a stool, bench or ottoman. By getting a cost-efficient mattress from Canada, one’s budget can stay at a minimal amount.

Final Thoughts

Decorating on a budget is completely possible; it just requires looking at old things in a new way and thinking out of the box by repurposing items. Using old pieces of furniture to create new accents for the home is also a fun hobby. By purchasing upholstery foam from Canada, you can keep costs low while revitalizing your home.