Knee Pads in the Garden or the Garage

Putting in time in the garage or the garden is a labor of love, considering all the time spent on hands and knees, in awkward, uncomfortable positions. But the reward of blooming gardens or flawless piston timing always ends up being worth the effort. And while it may take a significant amount of time and effort (and money) to get things the way you want, the path to completion needn’t be uncomfortable, and adding something as minor as foam knee pads to your routine can make things more enjoyable.


In the garden, there are countless sticks, twigs, and pieces of mulch waiting to poke and scrape you as you tend to plants, flowers, and vegetables. Gardens are notorious for quickly ruining slacks from all the dirt, and kneeling all the time can pack down soil, making the area hard to grow in. With kneeling pads, or even an old, trimmed down camp mat, you can keep clothes clean and your weight better distributed, leaving an area much more conducive to growth.


In the garage meanwhile, the cold cement floor can cut short a tune-up, courtesy of achy knees or a sore back. Foam kneeling pads are thick enough to cushion against the cement without raising you so high that it becomes hard to maneuver or reach under the vehicle. Foam is an affordable material, so one method of getting the comfort you want is by buying large sheets and making cut to size foam shapes to match your needs, whether you want a long pad to lie on or a smaller pad for kneeling. Padding a garage creeper is another great way of using foam to improve comfort. No matter which hobby you are passionate about, foam pads can make it more enjoyable, whether it’s spent with Corvettes or carnations.