Glass Pool Fencing

If you’re looking for pool fencing in Sydney, you might consider glass fencing. Designed for both safety and style, glass fences are available as frameless and semiframeless and require almost no maintenance. In the most cases, the posts can be deck-mounted or core drilled into concrete. The spigots used to mount the glass panels are made of structural marine grade steel and come in a variety of shapes, including anodized aluminum, aluminum nickel coated, and stainless steel.

Frameless glass pool fences allow you all the safety benefits of a traditional wood or metal fence, but in addition they allow you to enjoy your view while minimizing noise and wind. Since they are slightly elevated from the ground, dirt and leaves pass underneath, making it easier for you to keep your pool area clean. The only maintenance required is regular cleaning of the glass, which is easy: simply scrub with a soft brush and a mild detergent and then rinse off (be sure not to use harmful or abrasive solvents, as these can damage the glass’s powder coating, leaving it susceptible to corrosion).

For frameless pool fences, the post is made from structural aluminum and then is anodized with 20-25 micron of clear anodize, meaning maintenance free with no corrosion. The post is salt safe for swimming pools and beaches and coastal homes. It conforms to Australian metal finishing regulations, including thermoset coatings for architectural applications for aluminum and aluminum alloys. It comes with a 7-year warranty.