Easy-To-Use Pick and Pluck Makes Great Packaging Foam

Packaging something for shipping can be as simple as wrapping old newspaper around an item and sending it on its way. Other times, storage and shipping requires a more delicate touch, and the amount of care required is usually tied to the value and fragility of what’s being sent. For situations where run of the mill packing sheets won’t be able to safely get items to where they need to go, DIY pick and pluck foam can give you customized foam packaging without technical expertise.


The usefulness of this foam is a product of its pre-scored, perforated structure that allows the user to easily pull away the ½ inch cubes into a custom shape for the item being shipped. These squares can be sliced away with a knife or cleanly and easily pulled apart by hand without damaging the foam. Mat foam sheets of pick and pluck are made in various thicknesses, whether you need 1 inch foam or 10 inches of foam. The layering of multiple sheets allows you to pick and pluck away different levels of the stack for 360 degrees of protection around an intricate and irregularly shaped item. The only rule to abide by when dealing with pick and pluck is to tear or cut away cubes to a size slightly smaller than the item. This will ensure the foam will compress against the item, holding it in place. This unique material is made in multiple foam densities for customizing your insert to lighter or heavier products and is even made in an anti-static version for protecting delicate electronics.


The level of customization that pick and pluck foam provides for packaging makes it a perfect shipping product  because you can quickly have a one-of-a-kind insert that will safely hold your goods and absorb impact and shock.