Add Floor Medallions for a Touch of Class

When looking to renovate a room or simply add a touch of class, the options are limitless. You can paint the walls, replace the floor or add new light fixtures to achieve a desired look. There are a number of simpler ways too. Sometimes just adding a new centerpiece or changing out a piece of furniture can have surprisingly noticeable benefits. However, there’s an even simpler method that is sure to draw attention to a very unlikely part of the room: your floor. Continue reading to find out why floor medallions are facing a resurgence in popularity.

Floor medallions are nothing more than geometric shapes that occupy one exclusive section of your floor. Generally, it’s about 4×4 ft. the medallion is made up of a circle, with some kind of geometric shape inside. This can be a compass, a starburst or any other design. Some people have even had their initials put in.

The cool thing about medallions is they can be made out of just about any material. Ceramic tile, mosaic, marble, even hard wood can be used to create a floor mosaic. You can choose to match floor materials or change them out. Even mixing and matching is allowed when it comes to mosaics.

If you’re sick of how one room looks, it might be time to renovate its appearance. While you have many options to consider, be sure to give some attention to the idea of floor medallions.


Article submitted by Medallion Depot. The company specializes in ceramic and marble floor medallions for the home and elsewhere.