Adding Glass to Your Pool

Article Written by : Garden Desgin

No matter why you bought your pool, you want it to look its best. Pools can add value to your home, but they can just as easily become an eyesore you try hiding from the neighbors. One easy way to dress up your pool is by adding glass. No, not into the water—around it! Keep reading to find out how this will give your pool a unique look all its own.

A frameless pool fence is one of the easiest ways you can dress your pool up. For one thing, you need a fence, by law. But this doesn’t mean you should just put up any old thing. Rather, use it as an opportunity to beautify your property. A glass fence does just that. It’s just visible enough to draw the eye and attention of onlookers. At the same time, it makes the pool more enjoyable because it will block out wind and noise, but not the sun. If your children are enjoying the pool, you’ll be able to observe from a distance.

Glass pool windows are an amazing addition to any pool. It essentially allows you to observe what is going on within the pool. This works for out-of-ground pools or for those that share a wall with your home. People on both sides of the glass will enjoy the fun arrangement.

Don’t let your pool become boring. The above examples are easy ways to use glass to make it look wonderful.


Why Bamboo Flooring Might Be for You

Article Written by : Kirby Design

Flooring never seems like a very difficult choice until you start thinking about it. Though it’s easy to take for granted something that literally lies underfoot, all that foot traffic can really punish your floor after a while. One flooring option many people don’t consider is bamboo. Keep reading, though, as you may be surprised how practically this option is.

As I mentioned, floors take quite the beating from the constant foot traffic that runs over them on a daily basis. This is especially true for rooms like the front hall and kitchen that probably see a lot of your guests. Just like the material itself, bamboo flooring hardness is renowned. Other wood flooring options, on the other hand, can be easily compromised by any number of influences, but not bamboo.

Given its durability and exotic nature, you might be concerned about what maintenance will entail. Fortunately, bamboo floor care is minimal. Modern options for utilizing bamboo take into account the many kinds of cleaning products on the market. Regular maintenance is necessary, just like with any floor, but nothing crazy or easily difficult.

As with any flooring option, if you take care of bamboo, it will take care of you. But unlike so many options out there bamboo will catch eyes and garner compliments.

Artificial Grass: Fact or Fiction?

In years prior, artificial grass products looked and felt incredibly fake.  Today, many of the synthetic turf products on the market are made of higher quality and appear much more authentic.  Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the truth about fake grass. This article will highlight some of the popular ideas out there around these products and debunk some of the common myths.

1) Artificial grass looks fake.  Fact or fiction?  Fiction!

As stated previously, artificial grass products today are made to look and feel real these days.  The majority of people can’t tell the difference between a fake and natural lawn.  There are a variety of colors to choose from when selecting the right look for your particular needs.  These products are also designed to feel soft to the touch unlike the brittle, rough products from the past.

2) The artificial grass cost is lower than maintaining a natural lawn.  Fact or fiction?  Fact!

You may have heard rumors that artificial grass is affordable and that is completely true.  Maintaining a natural lawn on the other hand can be incredibly expensive and time-consuming.  Between watering, mowing, and buying fertilizer, maintaining real grass can be a hassle.  Natural grass also needs to be replaced regularly while fake grass is built to last for many years.

3) Artificial grass is hard to install.  Fact or fiction? Fiction! 

Artificial turf is best when installed by a professional, but it is possible to install it yourself if you’re the handy type.  It’s best to order a larger amount so that you don’t come up short while installing.  Most installation jobs can be completed in one day.

4) Artificial grass is suitable for pets and kids.  Fact or fiction? Fact! 

Children and pets can spend plenty of time on artificial grass with no problems.  These products are made non-toxic so they don’t provide health risks.  Also, many are made to prevent the stains and discoloration that often accompanies owning furry friends.

5) Artificial grass is built to last.  Fact or fiction? Fact! 

Synthetic turf products are made to withstand time, pet accidents, and turbulent weather.  In addition to that, they can handle a lot of heavy foot traffic unlike natural grass.  Overall, these products are much more durable than a natural lawn.  Many of these products can easily last for twenty years or so.  They rarely require maintenance.


Guest post is provided by Artificial Turf Supply, a leading distributor of synthetic lawn turf.  Check out their website for more information.

The Many Benefits of Artificial Grass

Many homeowners are searching for ways to get the perfect lawn.  In recent years, there have been advancements in the production of artificial grass lawns.  The brittle and incredibly fake appearance of turf in years prior has been replaced with a new type of faux grass.  Today, there are a myriad of reasons why it’s a great option to choose artificial grass over real grass.  Below are some of the advantages offered by artificial grass:

1)      Little upkeep: Natural grass takes an incredible amount of maintenance.  Not only does it need to be regularly watered and mowed, but it also requires expensive fertilizer.  On the other hand, a fake lawn doesn’t have to be watered, mowed, or treated with fertilizer.  Therefore, fake grass doesn’t require as much of a time or financial investment to maintain.


2)      Allergy relief: Allergy sufferers can experience welcome relief through selecting artificial grass.  Another benefit of artificial grass products is that they are non-toxic.  Therefore, they’re harmless for both pets and young children.  


3)      Elasticity: One of the pitfalls of natural grass is that it’s often heavily impacted by traffic.  Every time people walk on natural grass, the grass can easily develop ugly “bald” patches.  Luckily, that’s not an issue with artificial grass which can easily handle a significant amount of traffic. 


4)      Aesthetics: In addition to all of the other benefits listed, synthetic turf can be much more visually appealing than real grass.  Artificial grass has more of a uniform appearance which can make it much more attractive.  Unlike real grass, synthetic turf is not impacted by the weather or pet accidents.  Many of the synthetic turf products on the market today possess an incredibly natural look. 


5)      Environmental benefits: We live at a time when it’s crucial to consider the impact we have on the environment.  One way to help Mother Earth is to simply choose artificial grass. A majority of the synthetic turf products today utilize sustainable and often recycled materials.  In addition to that they help to conserve water and they don’t require toxic pesticides which are very bad for the planet. 


If you want to achieve a flawless lawn, think about a synthetic lawn.  There are numerous advantages of choosing an artificial lawn over a natural one.  Not only will you achieve the look you desire, you’ll also save money and help the environment in the process.


Guest post is provided by CCGrass Landscapes, a leading artificial grass supplier.  If you’re interested in either commercial or residential artificial grass, check out their website.

Leave It To The Pros

This guest post provided by Sensa.

House maintenance has always been a chore that most of us are reluctant to do as it is too troublesome to do. Siding repair is one such chore that is often overlooked and can be ignored until the siding already falls off, negatively affecting the aesthetics of your home as well as potentially causing unwanted wear on the structures materials. In the long run, the maintenance of the sidings is more cost effective than waiting for the damage to set in, as it only costs a few dollars and minutes of your time to repair them.

Water damage restoration is an expensive operation and can be easily avoided by performing the necessary maintenance processes; but when worst comes to worst, there will always be companies that can provide affordable restoration services that you can avail of. Sure, they will still be more expensive than you buying the necessarily materials and doing it yourself, but it can take a really long time, and leaving it to the professionals ensures that everything is done right, without wasting time in figuring out what went wrong with what you did.

Normally water damage can’t be really repaired if it’s not properly diagnosed as what someone can see plainly is more often than not just the tip of the iceberg. The structures main supports could have possibly rusted out under the material covering it and you wouldn’t even know it until it’s too late. Leave it up to a professional for your peace of mind; it is well worth the price.

Choosing Between Wooden and Steel Garage Doors

If you’re building a home, the garage or just renovating one or the other, you may be considering a new garage door. While this part of the home can be simple enough, there is still a lot to consider. One of the main elements you should think about is whether you want yours to be made out of steel or wood.

Wood is the most-used material for residential garage doors. And this is for good reason. A wooden garage door is a classic look. These days, though, they can be dressed up in a multitude of looks that can match the style of any home.

That’s not to say a steel garage door can’t look nice. In fact, steel garage doors are very customizable and can take on a number of styles and aesthetics. If you want, you can even get a steel garage door that looks as though it was made from wood. One nice thing about steel is its durability. If you live in a hostile climate (even one that just gets really cold once a year), a steel garage door may be the investment you want to make.

Whether you choose steel or wood for your garage door will come down to personal preference. It will depend on the ways the rest of your house looks and your own needs. Just be sure to explore all your options before you choose.


Article submitted by Main Garage Doors. They are an online company that specializes in garage doors, including commercial roll up doors, glass garage doors and the more traditional variety.

Four Ways to Prepare Your Door for Thanksgiving

Article submitted by: ETO Doors

  1. Make (or buy) A Wreath.  Your door can use some decoration- and a wreath is a perfect start. Depending on how DIY you’re feeling as Thanksgiving approaches, you can make your own wreath, or purchase one from a home improvement store, or Target, WalMart, or any other discount store goods.  Wreaths add   a welcoming touch to your entryway without a lot of added work.  If you’re making your own wreath, consider visiting a florist or flower nursery to use fresh flowers in your creation.  These will look great when first displayed, as well as days later, as dried flowers provide a particularly fall-esque vibe.
  2. Get an Early Start on the Door Lights.  Okay, so it’s at least forty-five days before Christmas, but that shouldn’t stop you from using outdoor lighting as a means of decorating your home or apartment for Thanksgiving.  The days are getting shorter, and extra light at your door or entryway will warm your guests before the smell of your turkey and pumpkin pie hits their noses. Naturally, you will want to steer clear of the classic Christmasy green and red colors; white light will likely be the most neutral way to brighten your door step.  A simple outline of your doorway, or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, think of a unique light design that can be outlined for your home.
  3. A Door Mat. Seriously.  Door mats are functional fashion for your home.  Who knows the type of weather that will greet you on Thanksgiving, but a quality door mat will keep the leaves and dirt out, and your guests clean shoes in. Mats made out of natural material have a tendency to grab more dirt and dust than those which are more synthetic. Pick a mat with a burnt orange, brown, and rust coloring and voila, instant doorway Thanksgiving magic created for less than $30.
  4. Paint your Door.  This isn’t as big a project as it sounds.  First, determine what the current finish is on your door, and then the underlying door material. For example, if you have a wood door, with a stain, you’ll probably need a good sanding and primer before you put a coat of color on your door.  For fiberglass doors, your best option is to speak with a home improvement specialist about the best paint.  Second, select a color.  Remember, this color should work throughout the winter and into the spring and summer. A dark red/rust color, forest green, and even a burnt orange translate well through the seasons,  consider your overall design aesthetic and then go forth and paint!

There’s always ways to create a pleasant entryway with your door, but if your door just needs replacing, there is still time to order a new one for installation before thanksgiving.  Call 888 DOORS ETO or email for information on in-stock doors that are ready to ship in 48 hours or less with flat rate shipping.