Safety Tips for Using a Yale Hoist

When you are using something like a Yale hoist, there are some important things that you should remember. These are safety measures that you have to take so that you and everyone who is around you are going to stay safe while you are operating the hoist.

  • When you are rigging, be sure your load hook and your upper suspension is forming a completely straight line
  • The hoist’s body or chain shouldn’t touch your load.
  • Never tip your load hooks
  • Always use a lifting device or sling to rig about the loads, and make use of lift points that are engineered to attach.
  • Never work beneath a suspended load or lift a load above someone.
  • Don’t ever lift someone using a hoist.
  • If you leave your hoist unattended, make sure that you land any of the attached loads.
  • When your job is done, place the hook location or hoist somewhere that’s not going to interfere with material or people movement.
  • When you’re controlling a hoist, you have lots of responsibility. The people around you are counting on your common sense, good judgment, and skill.

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Roofing Fairfax County –

Damaged shingles are a big problem with roofing Fairfax County.  Fortunately it’s something that people are able to fix without calling a roofing Fairfax Virginia specialist. Here are the steps for fixing damaged shingles.

  • To remove a damaged shingle, you should lift up the edges of the surrounding shingles.  Then you should carefully remove the nails using a pry board.  Then slide out your old shingle.  If there’s brittle or loose cement that is under it, scrape your opening clean. When the shingles are blown off because of a storm, remove any of the protruding nails which are still in the roof.  The nails that aren’t sticking up can stay.
  • To make putting a new shingle where the old one was easier, round the back corners using a utility knife that’s sharp.
  • Slide your new shingle into the gap, with the front edge lined up with the shingles on either side, or the back of it under the shingles in the row above.
  • Lift up the corners of the overlapping shingles, then fasten the top of your new shingle using 6d roofing nails put into each corner.  Use roof cement to cover the heads, and then smooth down the shingle edges which are overlapping.

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Benefits of Replacing Your Old Home Doors

You may have never considered the benefits of replacing your old door on your house. “My door works just fine,” you may say. But you might not be aware of the amount of money that can be saved and earned with a new door installed on your house. Replacing old doors have numerous aesthetic, financial and energy saving benefits that you just shouldn’t go without. Replacing an old door is easy, and there are so many selections that you can choose from, that you’re bound to find something that fits the size of your house.

Replacing your old door is considered to be environmentally friendly. Being environmentally friendly isn’t just a trend; it can save you a lot of money too. New doors are especially designed to insulate your house from the outside cold and heat. If you live in extremely hot or cold environment and you find that you are spending a fortune on heating and cooling bills, you may want to consider how your doors are affecting your airflow in your house. Through the process of diffusion, hot air will want to disperse to cooler locations. This means if air can pass easily through cracks in your door, your cooling system has to work extra hard to keep the house cool. If you aren’t replacing your old door, this means higher energy bills for you. Consider also that if you do choose to switch to an environmentally friendly door, you can apply for a $500 government tax credit. That’s pretty neat, isn’t it? The door practically pays for itself.

Replacing an old door can increase resale value. If you haven’t been made aware, there’s a shift in how prospective buyers are examining homes on the market. Curb appeal is crucial. If your doors don’t compliment the style of your home, it can be an eyesore. Conversely, replacing your old door to a beautifully upgraded door can make a huge difference. Energy efficiency, explained in greater detail above, is a top priority for home buyers these days as energy rates are continuing to climb. Upgrading to an energy star certified door is very attractive to new buyers and can increase your resale value. New doors are inherently safer because they’re stronger and the locks are harder for criminals to break. ROI is also important for you and whether you sell your home or not, window and door replacement ranks for the top 5 highest return on investment for your home. Eighty to ninety percent report some kind of return on investment.

Know When to Replace Your Cushions

When compared to many consumer products, furniture has a relatively long functional life. Because furniture lasts so long, wear is always slow and gradual, making it hard to tell when something is finally beyond use. Instead of realizing things like cushions are starting to age and replacing them proactively, we often have the experience of going to sit down at the end of the day and realizing the couch or chair cushion is way too worn out to be comfortable any longer.

Fortunately, keeping in mind how long particular items should be expected to last can help us avoid a situation where we’re stuck without a good seat in the house. The age of a furniture cushion is the easiest factor to consider. For a cheap seat, the foam materials used are lower quality and will probably need to be replaced in as little as a couple years. Conversely, high quality furniture uses high quality materials, and these foams can last as long as a decade if not abused. Another credible method for assessing your seat cushions and furniture is the eyeball test. Foam is supposed to be full looking and expand against its covers for a plush, overstuffed appearance. If patio or seat cushions look saggy or wrinkly, the foam inside has worn substantially and needs to be replaced.

Making an objective evaluation of the cushion’s feel can be difficult, but it is the most important factor in realizing that they need be replaced. Because wear happens so gradually, we are always used to how a couch or chair feels. The only way to overcome this is by considering how you feel when you’re relaxing on the foam pads, or even how they felt when they were brand-new. If you’re sitting on a couch that was once supportive but is now giving you a sore back, it’s time for replacement. Keeping these tips in mind should help you stay ahead of the game and know when it’s time to get a replacement cushion before your furniture is completely unusable.