Benefits of Replacing Your Old Home Doors

You may have never considered the benefits of replacing your old door on your house. “My door works just fine,” you may say. But you might not be aware of the amount of money that can be saved and earned with a new door installed on your house. Replacing old doors have numerous aesthetic, financial and energy saving benefits that you just shouldn’t go without. Replacing an old door is easy, and there are so many selections that you can choose from, that you’re bound to find something that fits the size of your house.

Replacing your old door is considered to be environmentally friendly. Being environmentally friendly isn’t just a trend; it can save you a lot of money too. New doors are especially designed to insulate your house from the outside cold and heat. If you live in extremely hot or cold environment and you find that you are spending a fortune on heating and cooling bills, you may want to consider how your doors are affecting your airflow in your house. Through the process of diffusion, hot air will want to disperse to cooler locations. This means if air can pass easily through cracks in your door, your cooling system has to work extra hard to keep the house cool. If you aren’t replacing your old door, this means higher energy bills for you. Consider also that if you do choose to switch to an environmentally friendly door, you can apply for a $500 government tax credit. That’s pretty neat, isn’t it? The door practically pays for itself.

Replacing an old door can increase resale value. If you haven’t been made aware, there’s a shift in how prospective buyers are examining homes on the market. Curb appeal is crucial. If your doors don’t compliment the style of your home, it can be an eyesore. Conversely, replacing your old door to a beautifully upgraded door can make a huge difference. Energy efficiency, explained in greater detail above, is a top priority for home buyers these days as energy rates are continuing to climb. Upgrading to an energy star certified door is very attractive to new buyers and can increase your resale value. New doors are inherently safer because they’re stronger and the locks are harder for criminals to break. ROI is also important for you and whether you sell your home or not, window and door replacement ranks for the top 5 highest return on investment for your home. Eighty to ninety percent report some kind of return on investment.