Use An Electrostatic Air Filter For A Cleaner Home

An electrostatic air filter attracts and magnetizes dust particles while cleaning the air in your home. These types of air filters are more effective than the traditional air filer. Usually the air filer can be wiped off with a damp cloth removing all the dirt and dust that has been cleaned out of the air. They leave your home with clean air and are perfect for those with house allergies.


There are many different types of air filers besides electrostatic such as HEPPA and traditional air filters. Filters clean the air by taking in dirty air, cleaning it and returning clean air back into your home. There are many different size air cleaners ranging from table size to large floor models. They are silent, energy saving and keep our home healthy.


When searching for air filterers or air cleaners check out They have a wide variety of different types of filters including a 3m air filter and Filtrete air filters. You can also find a variety of different sized air filters by shopping online. You can find them at discount retail outlets, drug stores and home improvement centers. Air filters aren’t just used in air cleaners there are also many types of appliances that use them as well such as vacuum cleaners which have allergen filters that trap dust particles as you are vacuuming. Always check the filters in your air cleaners and appliances at least once a month. If they need replaced be sure to write down the style of filter you need to buy