The Uses of Micro Suede Fabric in the Home

It is said technology moves at the speed of light, but sometimes it feels like the everyday things we use and own are often passed over in pursuit of the next world-shattering innovation or discovery. Textiles and fabrics are one area where it sometimes seems like the most recent revelation was the polyester jumpsuit from the 70s. Standing contrary to this belief is microfiber, a utility material that can be used for everything from cleaning, to upholstery, to clothing.

Microfiber, in particular micro suede, is a synthetic material mimicking more expensive and delicate suede leathers. It simulates a feel millions of people love for a fraction of the cost, and provides superior durability and functionality at value. Most popularly used in upholstery as a couch cushion fabric, micro suede can be dyed into any color under the sun, giving you a vibrant couch or a subdued cushion to unwind on. It’s stain resistant and does not discolor, making it a top choice for many selecting patio furniture fabric. It has also become incredibly popular as an alternative to vinyl bean bag covers, which lack the aesthetics many desire and can be uncomfortably hot.

Outside of the comfort and support sphere, many DIY audiophiles and acousticians have found micro suede useful in their builds. Bass traps using fluffy insulation materials can be covered in micro suede to help reduce low frequency issues while covering panels with a fabric that creates a customized, attractive installation in your listening room or workspace. With its durability, micro suede can be dusted or cleaned easily, with nothing more than a lint roller. So if you’re looking for a fabric that combines durability, comfort, and aesthetics, look no further than micro suedes.