Mosaics and Medallions for Classic Home Design

It is always nice to have a pretty home. Having a trendy home can give one a sense of pride and joy. When our home is beautiful and hip, entertaining guests can be a treat from the moment they walk into your home since you can proudly show off your precious masterpiece of a home. Going home from a long and hard day at work can be extra comforting when you walk into a home that looks absolutely stunning. The problem with going with new and modern designs and trends though is that they are exactly that; trends. This means that once the trend passes, you are left with an out of date home design and you will be spending thousands on renovation work. Break this vicious cycle by going for timeless and classic home designs.

Keep your home sitting pretty for decades to come by investing in classic home design elements such as wood, stone or granite floors and theme-neutral walls. You should also look at timeless design concepts to accentuate your home so that while it does not follow trends, it is still very vibrant.

For a classic design that is both beautiful and sturdy, try out a mosaic tile design pattern for your shower walls and kitchen back wall. A mosaic tile design will add vibrancy to your home while being sturdy as well.

For your porch, try adding tile floor medallions to add a point of interest that would catch the attention of your house guests the moment they set foot on your property.

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