Micro Suede is Practical and Comfortable in the Home

Technology often seems like it’s flying by at the speed of light, while many of the common things in our lives seem to have stayed the same for years. Textiles and fabrics are one example of something that has become stagnant, remaining the same for a while. To many people, the latest innovation in fabric is the polyester jumpsuit of the 70s.

Standing contrary to this view is microfiber, a utilitarian material that can be used for everything from cleaning to upholstery.

Microfiber, micro suede in particular, is a synthetic fabric that excels at mimicking costlier and more expensive suede leathers. It replicates a luxurious feel that millions of people love, while providing more durability and functionality over the original, all at a fraction of the price. Most often seen being used as upholstery fabric for couch cushions or seats, micro suede is dyed into bright, vibrant colors, giving people every option in the world for decorating their home. Resistant to staining and discoloring, micro suede is a great choice for indoor/outdoor patio furniture fabric. It has also been growing in popularity recently as an alternative to traditional vinyl bean bag covers, which can be uncomfortably hot and don’t always present a “mature” look.

In addition to comfort and support purposes, many DIY audiophiles and acousticians have found micro suede useful in their sound treatment projects. Bass traps utilizing fiberglass insulation can be wrapped in micro suede to encase the product with an attractive covering that won’t look out of place in your listening room or workspace. Micro suede’s durability makes it easy to clean cushions when the material is used for couches and seats, whether you choose to use a lint roller or do a little spot cleaning. If you’re on the lookout for a fabric that blends durability, comfort, and aesthetics, micro suede is where you can end your search.