Sending Flowers

For most people (read men), the occasion of sending flowers is at least a twice-yearly ritual, encompasses the twin female-centric holidays of Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. In the case of the less-thoughtful, “let’s just do this” sort of man, the act of sending flowers is typically performed with scarcely a second thought, might even, in fact, be carried out by a secretary. Conversely, the uber- thoughtful “let’s do this right” kind of man, knows where to go, whom to contact, what questions to ask, and, of course, has a good idea of what he is intending to send.

Where to Go and Why

Not all floral websites are alike. A good site will look like a million bucks, and give the prospective buyer more than a picture of a flower, an arrangement, and a price tag; it will offer choices, flower information, and background, suggestions for arrangements and alternatives to standard clichéd selections. As ever, pricing and delivery information will be readily available and clearly and correctly priced. For an excellent example of an online flower vendor, check out the website for Serenata Flowers (, a UK-based star seller.

Pricing, Delivery and Service

The savvy flower sender is wise enough to look at a variety of websites or shops in order to determine pricing, satisfactory delivery terms, and general customer satisfaction. An outstanding seller will offer competitive pricing, (not to be confused with cheap pricing), realistic, consistent and timely delivery, and knowledgeable, friendly service. This service extends to creative flower selections and arrangements to a deep knowledge of and expertise with flowers. A shop with superior staffing and service will most likely have lots of press acclaim and customer testimonials plainly displayed. The smart shopper will look for these.

Ultimately, shopping for the appropriate vendor for purposes of sending flowers boils down to a little bit of effort, an attentive mind, a dab of common sense and a willingness to invest the energy and desire in order to send the very best selection.