Create a King Bed with Bed Bridges

If space and money weren’t factors, a king-size bed would be the ideal sleeping surface for most people. With enough room to spread out, stretch and relax, a bed that big is the ultimate in luxury and comfort. Unfortunately, mattresses this size can run into the thousands of dollars and are very difficult to move due to their size and weight. Luckily, there is a shortcut for people wanting the comfort and luxury of a king-size bed without breaking the bank or their backs.

Through the use of a foam bed bridge, two twin mattresses can be combined into one large mattress, without a center seam or the cost or hassle of a king bed. This is great for making a temporary guest mattress for visiting friends and family. If you have children who had a bunk bed mattress setup but have grown up and moved away, those two mattresses can be converted into one for when they return. For platform beds without a frame to hold mattresses, ratcheted straps can be gently wrapped around the edges of the two mattresses to hold them together and then covered with sheets for a bed nobody would ever know is actually two.

Bed bridges are made of soft foam with a wedge that dips into the gap for support when rolling over the seam and a taper that gently stretches across the face of the two mattresses to provide even, consistent comfort. When you cover foam bed bridges with a mattress pad and sheets, they may as well not even be there. Quality-made bed bridges are durable enough for everyday use, so whether you’re converting a room or looking to increase the size and comfort of your existing sleeping situation, a bed bridge is a smart, affordable option.